A Rainy Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Matt’s parents and Grandma came in town for the weekend so we decided to take a family trip to Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch. It ended up being pretty wet and drizzly but that didn’t slow the kids down at all. IMG_9856Emmy made friends with the llamas and goats, laughing as they tickled her fingers. She did the maze several times singing, “YO-HO Matey’s AWAY!” the whole way. She loved getting to “hold” her baby cousin, Georgia, for a few photos. IMG_0007IMG_0006-0IMG_0019IMG_0008IMG_0020IMG_9999IMG_0025IMG_9983IMG_9987Love these sweet hugs and kisses! IMG_0030IMG_0012IMG_0011IMG_0027A more real life look at our typical family photoIMG_0031Watching my kids explore and make memories is my favorite. IMG_0036IMG_0035IMG_0023IMG_0032IMG_0018IMG_0013IMG_0004IMG_9996IMG_9998Big cheeks nestled in some big pumpkins! 🙂IMG_9991IMG_9990IMG_9855We’ll definitely have to head to Pumpkin Town when the suns out again since we didn’t get a chance to watch Em do the bounce houses or pony rides.  So.. more pumpkin pictures to come I’m sure. I love all Fall activities and am excited to make memories doing them with the kids. 🙂

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