Our Week in Snapshots


What a fun week! We ate lunch outside at Whole Foods during a thunderstorm, played with friends at the park and even saw Thomas the Train. Jonah had a super-fun filled play time with Gram and Pa- he even came home with a Batman mask AND toy! He’s “Super Hero OOOObsessed!” as Norah would say. We ended by celebrating Aunt Jen at her bridal shower tea party. Norah sure does love her family!


Matt’s been working a lot of late nights this week so I’ve been getting lots of quality time with the kiddos and my girlfriends. We’ve done several days at the park, a trip to Utica Square with friends, and Emmy had a special day of fun with Gram while I got to be alone with Tuck. He loved visiting my friend Audrey’s and keeping an eye on baby Goldie while she touched up Mine’ and I’s hair. 🙂 Friday was our big OKC adventure with the cousins!  I was happy Matt took a break on beautiful Sunday and we took the kids running downtown. We made a visit to Matt’s office so Emmy could pretend she was his secretary and draw pictures for his co-workers. We capped the afternoon off with a lunch on the patio at Dilly Deli- love it!


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