Thomas the Train + Pops

The alarms went off bright and early this morning. Everyone was excited for our epic adventure to meet  Thomas the Train!

Norah burst out of her room saying, “Hurry, Momma, we got to GO!”  and Emmy could hardly wait to ride in my car to watch a movie on the drive (the minivan wins again). 🙂


The much anticipated train ride we’d hyped everyone up for, turned out to be more of a 10 minute/ 10 mph cruise down the tracks. Not what we imagined, but the kids couldn’t have cared less. They just wanted to eat snacks, look out the windows and be SURE they could play at the little park when we got back to the station. We should have known that the playground always wins!

IMG_9570 IMG_9511IMG_9526

After we gave the conductor our tickets, dramatically screamed through the bridge overpass, and helped cheer Thomas back into the station, we headed into the courtyard to check out the festivities. The kids loved waving to Sir Topham Hat! They stared in disbelief for several minutes and kept returning to wave again. Jonah and Emmy got Thomas tattoos and they all enjoyed playing with the train tables. Tucker was determined to be independent (or as Jodi jokes “he was searching for another family”). He kept us busy chasing him and keeping gravel out of his mouth.



When we had had as much wind as these mamas could handle, we loaded up for lunch at POPS! The kids had a great time trying to rip the glued pop bottles off the wall, picking their favorite colors to drink, and “cheersing” away with their drinks.





Tucker was FREE to admire it all too. Good thing the bottles were glued down or we would have destroyed the place! 🙂



Best part of the day: “1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 BLAST OFF!!!!!!”


“Where’s the giant pop, I don’t see it!?”IMG_9535

Another day, Another Adventure.

We just love that they have fun together, no matter what they’re doing.IMG_9520

Group-selfie to end our adventurous, wind-blown day. Can’t believe how old these kids are! It feels like just yesterday that we were comparing baby bumps.


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