Corn Dogs and Cotton Candy

IMG_9161I don’t know when my unhealthy obsession with the fair began but it’s at an all-time high. It’s got to be the perfect marriage of fried food and the thrill of people-watching that always pull me in. If it were up to me, we’d probably have fast passes and tons of weight to lose by the time the fair left town. Good thing Matt was ready to peace out after spending 2 hours shelling out cash on junky rides and posing for pictures in the heat. 🙂 He’s such a good sport being married to me. Unfortunately, the only photo I got of us all was blurry- can’t trust those fair folk for anything. 😉IMG_9127IMG_9193IMG_9131IMG_9183The crown counts right?
IMG_9168My favorite part of the fair this year was riding rides with Emmy. We weren’t sure what she would think of them but her face was covered in ear to ear smiles and squeals of excitement. She LOVED them. There’s nothing better than watching your kid experience something for the first time!

IMG_9129 IMG_9157-0 She kept telling Matt, “We’re in a STRAWBERRY, Dad!!” 🙂IMG_9160 Passing the time waiting in line with a delicious dog! Sadly, the only food I ended up tasting. Wawa- biggest fair food fail in years. I was hoping to try that mac n cheese brat but forgot all about it with keeping up with the kids.IMG_9166 This cutie wouldn’t take a morning nap so he spent the day being so hot and sleepy but a pretty good sport considering. IMG_9150IMG_9155The kids love seeing all the animals and hearing their names. We ended up skipping the petting zoo since it was pretty crowded but heard later they had kangaroos and deer. So cool!

We couldn’t leave without some cotton candy. Em said, “I’m eatin’ fuzzies!!!” 🙂

IMG_9139IMG_9164Somebody may have gotten into E’s cotton candy.. looks a little scary in the red! 😛IMG_9144IMG_9152 IMG_9146 IMG_9189Fun, fun family day! The fair never disappoints. IMG_9184

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