Our Week in Snapshots


Fall in Oklahoma means warm, beautiful days that make you think summer never left. We spent time playing at the park, swimming in Gram’s heated pool, and soaking in cousin time. Josh and I got to go on TWO dates recently- we LOVED seeing Conor Oburst and Spoon at Cain’s. On Friday, we saw  Disney on Ice at the Tulsa State Fair. The kids were in complete awe- dancing, pointing and squealing in delight. After the show, we spent the day at the fair. The kids LOVED the rides, eating Mexican corn and petting the animals. Norah especially loved the Butterfly exhibit… Jonah did not. He insisted the butterflies were “bad guys!”


Matt’s decided to run the Tulsa Run so the kids have spent the majority of our week nights riding in the stroller as we huff and puff our way through our very hilly neighborhood. Pushing a double stroller has definitely helped level the playing field between Matt and I’s running abilities. 😉 We finally completed a gallery wall going up our staircase and I’m so happy with the finished product. Something about pictures hanging makes a home feel homey. We’ve been at the park lots this week soaking up the beautiful weather. We had big plans to hit the fair on Saturday (pretty much my favorite thing about Fall) but a big migraine hit out of nowhere and my mom ended up taking Emmy for the day while I spent the day being so nauseas and still. wawa We made up for it on Sunday with a post coming soon about our day at the Tulsa State Fair.

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