Our Week in Snapshots


A fun-filled fall week! We packed in lots of fun- feeding the ducks, music class, homework, fighting off the “bad guys”, playing princess with Reesie, and a family adventure to the Riverwalk. Gram and Pa saved an old furniture box and made a “home” for the kiddos. They loved eating snacks in their cafe! Norah and Jonah were most excited to see their cousins… their road-trip was just a bit too much separation for these buddies!


Our first week home from our trip has been so good. We’d been away for 15 nights so walking back into our home was kind of refreshing, just to lay in our own beds and get back into our normal routine. Before we left Chicago we had to get some rainbow cones from the Creamery and catch a Cubs game with friends. The entire drive home Emmy talked our ears off about her cousins. “Where’s Norah and Jonah-man!? I want to play with them in my bedroom.” We’d tell her we’d see them tomorrow and she would just cry and beg to see them TONIIIIGHT! It was pretty precious to watch their reunion, full of squeals, and hugs, and toddler conversation. 🙂 We tried out a music class, loved on baby Georgia and hung with more family, and welcomed this gorgeous Fall weather. Emmy got a cousins day with Jonah at Gram’s house and eagerly watched out the window for Gram’s arrival. We spent Sunday biking with the family, playing at the park, and enjoying the perfect weather. It’s making me SO excited for FALL!

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