10 Hours in the Car with 2 Kids

We left the house at 5:30 am per Matt’s request to hit the road while still dark outside. He thought the kids might go back to sleep in the car but of course they didn’t. As soon as we woke Emmy up from her sweet sleep, she popped up and asked, “Is it time to go on VACATION!?” She was totally pumped about watching movies on the iPad and asked if it was time to watch her movie yet about a hundred times! We ordered the most adorable headphones off amazon so she could hear well and we could have our own conversations up front.


I had packed a basket of entertainment for Emmy and kept it up front with me. Throughout our journey I would reveal different surprises to keep the drive fun and exciting. My basket was filled with: stickers, color wonder markers and coloring books, a sketch pad with new crayons, some of our favorite stories, her beloved “targ”, and a pan with magnetic letters (a waste of space in my opinion). The letters fell all over the ground immediately and the pan was too big to really fit on her lap. That idea was pretty much a Pinterest fail for us. 🙂 She watched about 3 movies throughout our journey and that was definitely the best time passer of them all along with the whole other bucket of snacks we packed.

Matt and I borrowed some books for our trip and started with the book, “Grace Based Parenting”. I read it out loud to Matt as he drove and it brought up a lot of great conversations. We got to talk a lot about our ideas of parenting and why we do things the way we do. I’m glad we both agree we want to be very intentional about the way we raise our kids. We’re just two chapters in but so far we really identify with the message of the book and think it’s going to be a great read for us.

Thank goodness the potty situation went much better than anticipated and we didn’t have any accidents or emergency pit stops. Getting these kids to fall asleep in the car was difficult and we both did some fist pumps when they finally nodded off around 3 pm. Emmy hasn’t had a pacifier since 18 months old but we ended up offering her one of Tucker’s to see if it would push her over the edge into dreamland. Worked like a charm! Then, not wanting to ruin it, we stared silently at the road until nap time was over. 🙂 It was a big day for everyone and we were all beyond sleepy when we pulled into Gram and Pa’s driveway around 5 pm. Traveling with small children is always an adventure but my advice is that it’s definitely all about preparation. Pack all kinds of entertainment, an emergency potty kits, and an array of fun snacks.IMG_7264

2 thoughts on “10 Hours in the Car with 2 Kids

  1. Raisa says:

    Love this! we are going on a 11 hour trip at the end of this week and we’ve got several nephews these ages too, so I will pass on the helpful tips!~ Question for you.. where do you get the cute baby bandanas?


    • angieandjodi says:

      Glad you found it helpful! The one pictured here I ordered from Etsy. It was a nightmare with the seller though and took months to actually get here so I wouldn’t recommend her but Etsy always has cute options. I found the black and white polka dot one at Target for $5! So exciting! 🙂 It has wire in it too so you can easily arrange it the way you want.


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