The People I Love

Last week we took advantage of our fabulous babysitters (Pops and Grandma) and went downtown for a little alone time. Matt slowly and painfully followed me around from store to dressing room to store to check out line all over Michigan Avenue. I saw the color drain from his face as we entered the last store playing techno music and offering endless racks begging to be picked through. Finding a bench to relax on was the highlight of that experience for him. 🙂IMG_6044

He had a fabulous time laughing at my new hat, while I assured him it was super cool and hip (Right!?). He also LOVED being tasked with asking a stranger to take our picture on a street corner. What a trooper! 🙂IMG_6040

It’s always nice to have a dinner where we carry on a conversation and stop to make eye contact and connect (only slightly different from a dinner out with the kiddos). 😉 We saw a late movie, “The Giver”. I’d read the book in Ed school years ago and remembered thinking it was interesting. The movie really did make me think about the important things in life, the people I love. It made me feel strangely emotional about life in general and how precious relationships are. Loving another human with all your heart is such a beautiful thing that we take for granted everyday. It made me ponder the moments where love was so evident like at both of my children’s births. How blessed am I to feel such love and connection? How amazing that humans crave meaningful relationship with one another! How incredible that we were created for this very reason by God. It just really made me think about all the good in humanity and the similarities we all share.

Heading home from a date night feeling thankful for all the people I love and especially the man next to me was the perfect ending for me.IMG_7039


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