Labor Day Weekend at the Cottage

We spent Labor Day weekend up at the family cottage in Northern Michigan with lots of family. We were so glad a few of my cousins we haven’t seen in ages came in town at the same time. It’s so fun to introduce Emmy and Tuck to them and catch up on each others’ lives. Em put on a couple rock shows for everyone with her guitar and won everyone over with her hit rendition of the BIBLE. This girl doesn’t know what “shy” is and I seriously admire that.IMG_7228
Her favorite parts of “lake life” included: riding the jet ski with dad being “Super Captain Emmy” (driver of the boats). Matt and I had the best time taking her for slow spins around the lake. We couldn’t help but smile big hearing her shout, “1, 2,3 GO!!” every time we came to a stop. She kept giggling and saying “bounce, bounce, bounce” with each wave we rode over. E even got to go fishing for the first time but wasn’t too fond of being anywhere near those slippery things. She kept squirming away nervously shouting, “I don’t want to see it! I don’t want to see it!!” I wonder where she gets that from!?
Tucker wasn’t too happy being in the chilly water and mostly spent his time eating, sleeping, being cute, and getting into everything! He’s been teething like crazy and we’re ALL ready for these teeth to break through for this poor guy (and ourselves). Praying that happens soon!IMG_7233
Vacations are our favorite and we’re sad to have wrapped up with all our family fun… waaaa! We did make one more pit stop at the beach before heading back to Chi town for the week so more beach photos coming your way soon plus some road trip tips too. I gotta say it felt so good to walk into our house after being gone for 15 nights. I have a renewed love for this place and especially my own bed. 🙂

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