Our Two Weeks in Snapshots ;)


We’ve been having fun reconnecting with good friends in Chicago and spending time with family in Michigan. I’ve got lots of posts coming down the pipeline about our adventures but here’s several iPhone snapshots we’ve taken along the way. So far we’ve done 26 hours of driving with these road warriors! We’ve finally met some of the cute babies we’ve been anxious to hold for a while now. Em got her first pizza making lesson from Pops and we’ve made several whirlpools in their above-ground oasis. We did cottage life with the family up North and had several date nights. Loving vaca with the fam!


We spent the last two weeks soaking up the last days of pool swimming and splash pad romping. We’ve “met the teacher”, played with new friends and celebrated with sno cones. Mimi helped Norah make salsa for her teacher, which Norah proudly brought to school! We started tennis lessons and learned how to play light sabers. Our super special friend, Cooper, turned FIVE! Happy Birthday, friend! We checked out our new West Elm store in Utica Square and even did some puddle-jumping. Happy Mommy; Happy Kids. Daddy turned 29 and ushered in his birthday with a fever :(. Thankfully, that was after our Starbucks morning date!

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