Today is your day.

You’re off to great places.

Today is your day.

You’re mountain is waiting, so get on your way.

-Dr. Suess

We did it; we passed the first day of school. Up before the sun, protein filled breakfast, uniform,  backpack and water bottle- check, check, check… and check. How is it possible that my sweet, baby girl is at 4 year-old school?? How is it possible that we survived the sleepless nights, months of teething and the toddler tantrums? I was very sure this day would never come.IMG_9478

The day did come though! It came and went with fury. I tried to soak in every moment- to take pictures of everything. I want to remember the look on Norah’s face when she saw her friends, to treasure the sweet thumbs up she gave me in reassurance, to soak in the feeling of the her arms wrapped around my neck when she jumped into the car at pick-up. All of it was too much. I felt all these “mom-feelings” swell up. I felt proud of the little girl we have raised, and yet sad that she seemingly needed me less.


I may need another baby. 😉

My alarm went off early, I knew I wanted to make a cup of coffee and spend some time with Jesus before the day started. As I sat sipping my coffee and watching the dawn break threw, I heard Norah’s bedroom door fly open. She skipped to her bathroom, singing, “Today is going to be great… so so great!!” Oh, Jesus… my heart melted knowing that He had my little girl wrapped in His arms of protection.breakfast

We spent the next 45min eating breakfast, getting dressed and taking pictures of our sweet girl. Even Mimi and Pops came by to take pictures and wish her a great day. Norah posed away, of course.

As we were cheesing, lightning cracked and we all bolted inside- giggling, gasping and slightly shocked. What a morning for the first day of school! Needless to say, all our pictures were halted while it down-poured for the next hour.

Pulling up to the school, Norah’s eyes were wide and bright. The sweet administration directed cars through an overpass, helping to unload kids and getting soaking-wet themselves. Inside, Norah found her classroom,  backpack hook, and seat. She loved seeing familiar faces from our playdate last week and she loved her teacher. It was a moment so full of wonder! In the midst of the excitement, I was most proud of my girl- she went up to a little girl she hadn’t met and said, “Hi, I’m Norah. What is your name?” Norah shyly looked back at me, gave me a thumbs up and winked… as if to say, “Watch this cool trick, Mom! I made a friend!”

 After lots of hugs, we headed to the lunchroom with the other parents for a “Boo Hoo Breakfast”. This was such a sweet idea! Several moms with older kids were there to answer questions, offer reassurance and ultimately, just distract you from the fact that you just dropped your four-year-old off for SCHOOL! Seriously… we have a school-aged child.

Big gulp.

The morning flew by and soon enough, Norah jumped in the car- chattering away about EVERYTHING she learned, all the friends she played with and how she had homework that she wanted to show me.

“There is a stage and we get to sing. I ran in the gym and I played with ALL my friends. There is a line-leader and someday I’ll get to be it… but ONLY when the sign is by MY name. Do you want to come see the sign sometime??”

My girl is on her way to great places. We start our hike up this education mountain and I’m sure, before we know it, we’ll be at the peak. The places that await my bright, tenacious, compassionate little girl will be places I’ve never travelled. They’ll be her adventure, her journey… her mountain. Her journey is her own, but by the grace of God, I rest -knowing she has been equipped with everything she needs to grow into the beautiful woman God destined her to be.

Today is her day!



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