A Day in Pentwater.

IMG_7151If I haven’t documented our family vacation well enough here’s a few extra photos of our beach princess and lake baby.
IMG_7149IMG_7170We always have to visit Pentwater while up at the family cottage. It’s the most beautiful little beach town with fun stores, sweet treats, and gorgeous views. We hit the beach right away for Emmy to have her sand castle-building fun.
IMG_7148IMG_7155-0 IMG_7144-0She must feel super at home on the beach because she just wet her pants right there on the beach with no problem. So, what else do you do besides rinse off in the chilly water and air dry a while before doing it again. So, this soaked little girl played in the lake in her sweater while Tuck ate a trail mix of crackers and sand. Ah.. parenthood.

IMG_7163IMG_7158-0When the rain started pouring we took shelter at the House of Flavors where our kids kept us busy by clearing the table of all sugar packets, reaching for uncovered drinks, and everything else kids are supposed to do when parents mistakenly think eating out is a “good idea”. The hudsonville ice cream was kind of worth it though. 😉

IMG_7153 IMG_7160 IMG_7166IMG_7172Being a mom means learning to laugh at moments that used to frustrate you. I could care less if everything I planned goes south because I know I’m a blessed woman. I know these two dears make my heart ache with so much love. I know one day I’ll be begging to do the hardest days over again just to kiss their sweet cheeks and hold their tiny fingers in my hand. This day was beautiful in every way. I’m collecting all the memories of my family that my heart can hold. I’m thankful for every minute we get together, especially the ones I remembered not to take for granted.IMG_7227

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