Toes in the Sand

Angie and I grew up in a small beach town in Michigan and so many of our childhood memories center around exploring the great outdoors. We spent our days climbing trees, taking hikes through the woods, and lake hopping through northern Michigan. We spent many summer weekends on a small lake up North with our cousins. It was so simple but we had the time of our lives skipping rocks, walking to the candy store, and playing card games all day. We earned serious sun burns tubing across that lake, learning to water ski, and swimming to the family raft. This place is filled with memories galore and will always be special to me.
IMG_6174 IMG_6359
ย Matt and I decided to stop 3 hours into our journey from Chicago to Northern Michigan to visit some of my favorite small town spots. We had to stop for some Pronto Pups first thing. They’ve been there 67 years and have the best corn dogs you’ll ever taste. They’re pretty much the Josh’s Sno Shack of Grand Haven- a family run business with lines of faithful customers all summer long. ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_6811 IMG_6806IMG_6784
ย We grabbed some ice cream at the Dairy Treat across the street. They carry Hudsonville ice cream with the best flavor out there: Peanut Butter Mackinack Island Fudge. YUM!
IMG_6358IMG_6793IMG_6782We walked from there to the end of the pier and all Em could talk about was building a sand castle. This was her first time to the beach since 8 months old. She was in absolute HEAVEN! It melted my heart and truly made we want to move to the beach immediately. She couldn’t get enough of the sand and carried handfuls with her as we walked everywhere.
IMG_6354IMG_6813IMG_6802IMG_6801IMG_6800IMG_6797IMG_6795IMG_6781IMG_6783Her reaction to the sand in her toes was about the most precious thing I’ve seen yet. I guess I didn’t realize some of the things she’s been missing out on being raised so far from the water. She kept calling the lake “my pool”. ๐Ÿ™‚IMG_6812 IMG_6804 IMG_6809 IMG_6790-0 IMG_6791-0 IMG_6789-0IMG_6787
ย Even the sea gulls were no longer an annoyance but an intriguing new creature in her eyes. We made reference to her favorite movie, “Nemo” many, many times throughout our vacation. This girl needs more real life connections to “water life” in my opinion (I’m already planning our next family vacation in my head). Anyway, we’ve had such a wonderful time playing on the sandy shores of Michigan this week. I wish the vacation mentality could live on a little longer because I love all of us being together with no agenda SO, SO much.
IMG_6794 IMG_6798 IMG_6799 IMG_6803 IMG_6361 IMG_6807 IMG_6357 IMG_6360 IMG_6356
The kids nodded off as soon as we headed back to the car to finish our drive to the cottage. It was a big afternoon and wore them out completely. Nothing sweeter than two sleeping babes dreaming of their adventures splashing in the waves…
IMG_6805 IMG_6810More beach photos to come since we ended up heading to Pentwater and back to Grand Haven once more after watching this girl fall in love with beach life. ย IMG_6808
*All photos taken with a Canon Rebel 2Ti +ย 50 mm lens <Learing to shoot manually and having the best time! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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