Chicago Children’s Museum

IMG_5850Okay, I thought the Tulsa Children’s Museum was cool and then we went here last November and I realized, nope, THIS is cool! I knew I definitely had to bring Emmy back to experience everything at a little older age. Last time we came she wasn’t feeling too hot either. I’m not sure which one of us had more fun but it was a great day. The exhibits we made it to were the circus, firehouse, water works, dinosaur digging, kid’s town, camping, and comedy club. Guess which one was her favorite? Yup, comedy club. She’s an entertainer for sure! We took a few photos just in case you didn’t believe we were actually there.Β With tight ropes, swings, costumes, stages, it could have been an all day affair…IMG_5714 IMG_5715IMG_5905The firehouse is pretty amazing. They have a truck which Emmy promptly claimed as her own, telling each visitor, “Hey! I was driving this!” We learned a lot about taking turns and being courteous to othersΒ while at the museum. πŸ˜‰ 2 year olds are suuuuper good at that, especially mine!


Water- my personal favorite spot! Emmy’s favorite “toy” has always been water so we love letting her go to town here. They have these adorable rain coats and rivers of water with currents, tubes, spouts, boats, and brushes. Basically, they just explore and tinker and have the time of their lives. Even Tuck was intrigued but this photo pretty accurately describes these two. Emmy’s into the activity. Tuck’s into his snacks.IMG_5907 IMG_5717 IMG_5718 IMG_5719IMG_5707IMG_5902IMG_5903IMG_5904IMG_5908IMG_5906

Em and Dad went to town digging for dinosaur bones in this tire tred. She was so excited about her discoveries!IMG_5909IMG_5915

Kid’s Town. Pretty much any child’s imaginative play dream come true. Emmy could spend infinite hours setting up house here. They’ve got a grocery store, town bus, mail center, car and gas station, and a pizza kitchen.IMG_5910 IMG_5769 IMG_5771 IMG_5770

Camping. Pretend fishing, tunnels through tree stumps, a log cabin complete with slides, and rope swings…IMG_5773

IMG_5916 IMG_5912While Emmy and I explored the camping room Matt took a break with Tucker and he fell asleep so sweetly on his chest. He hardly ever does this so it was so special. So, while Tuck napped in the crowd, Emmy put on quite the performance at the “Laugh Shack” with a banana microphone. Other kids seemed so timid to take the stage and shyly giggled at the thought of performing. Not this girl! She was singing at the top of her lungs, shouting about what props she needed for her next act, and was in her element completely. I loved watching every minute of her fun. Why is it that children are the most fascinating things in the world to their parents?IMG_5900IMG_5914IMG_5767We were starving by the time Tucker woke up from his little nap and Emmy wrapped up on stage so that completed our fun day at the Chicago Children’s Museum. May be we’ll make it downtown another vacation day for more fun. Watching these kids have new experiences is one of my all-time favorite parts of being a parent. There’s nothing like watching their expressions of wonder. It brings back the magic of childhood in an instant!

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