A Day Downtown Chicago with the Littles…

IMG_5701-0IMG_5703-1We spent the day downtown with the kiddos and had so much fun exploring as a family. We started the day hunting for cronuts but wound up settling for these fun flavors at Glazed and Infused. IMG_5704-1 IMG_5699-0IMG_5899The chocolate was definitely the best one and we got it EVERYWHERE to prove it. This may have been Emmy’s second time to eat a doughnut in her life and she made the most of it for sure. Finger lickin’ good!
IMG_5853-0 IMG_5851-0IMG_5705-1After breakfast we walked to the Children’s Museum at Navy Pier (another post on that to come…). We had to stop on the way to reenact some of our favorite “flying” photos from our Chicago trip in November. I just love this family of mine. Comparing this photo to the one of her from less than a year ago makes me want to cry because her legs look twice as long and that baby face is turning into a kid one all too fast.
IMG_5640 IMG_5636IMG_5641 Tucker loved joining in on the tradition. Watching him giggle from this angle is so fun because you can see his little chicklet teeth coming in up top so well. IMG_5696 IMG_5697-0 IMG_5702-0IMG_5858-0 IMG_5860-0 IMG_5859-1While we were exploring the museum it rained cats and dogs so we decided to ditch our plans to hit some fountains and head to Wicker Park for some tacos at Big Star. We got the Al Pastor and Fish Tacos. Sooo good! This girl is too much…

IMG_5695-0 IMG_5723 IMG_5724 IMG_5725These two together are buddies and it’s one of my favorite things to see. IMG_5720IMG_5722IMG_5721

We’ve been trying to “roll with it” on vacation and be laid back about the kids’ schedules. I have to say they’ve both been absolute troopers. Emmy’s now running on two days without naps and one day with a short snooze in the car. I’m officially sleepy and am ready for a day of normal sleep schedules for everyone in this family. 🙂 I’m also super thankful for all these fun vacation memories we’re making together!IMG_5898


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