Last Day of MDO

Today was Norah’s last day at Grace MDO. It is amazing to look back at how our little girl has grown in a year!

Over the last year, our experience with “school” has been just wonderful! Norah wakes up EXCITED on Friday mornings and rushes us all around to get out the door. She has met some wonderful friends, learned social boundaries and grown to be conscientious of others.  I couldn’t be more thankful for the wonderful teachers and administration!

Some of my favorites moments:

One morning, while prayed over Norah on the way to school, I asked God to help her “be Jesus to her friends.” When I finished, Norah asked me what that phrase meant. I explained that the love of Jesus is in her heart and she could be a good friend by loving others the way Jesus loves us. She smiled. When I picked her up that day, I found a sweet note in her backpack. Norah’s teacher explained that one of the kids was missing their Mommy that day and that Norah had sat with her arm around them until they felt better. The words on Norah’s paper read, “Norah was Jesus to “Annie” today!”

Walking into class and seeing my precious busy-body still snuggled on her nap mat. #meltmyheart

On water day, Norah comes home and says, “Oh Mom, you should have seen it. We were CRACKING up! It was just the best day ever!”

Norah asked me one time if God loved “Bill”. I was shocked, but said, “Yes, of course! God loves everyone Nor. Bad people, good people, big people, kids…” She says, “Oh, okay. Well, at school, “Bill” is always bad. I’m glad God still loves him. But, I still don’t really like to play with him.”

All of her (and Jonah’s) imaginary play partners, stuffed animals, dolls, etc. all are named 1 of the 4 favorite friends she has from school.

Pajama day was her favorite day of the year. We had to find the perfect princess jammies and she could barely sleep because she was so giddy about seeing her friend’s pajamas!

She tells me that they played “Family” during playtime. She was the Mommy and the little boy that she smiles at in the parking lot was the Daddy. 🙂 Good thing they didn’t play long, the boy wasn’t too fond of “Family” and wanted to do LEGOS.

We get home and Norah says, “Hey Mommy, did my teacher write that I was a good friend today?” I say,  “No, it just says that they have loved having you in their class.” Long sigh… Norah explains, “But, Mommy I was a REALLY good friend today. I didn’t really do anything. I was just myself!”

As her Mommy, I want to remember one priceless thing about this year. My daughter learned things this year that I couldn’t have taught her. She learned to make funny sounds, to do annoying “kid” things and to walk in a line. BUT, more importantly, she learned the power of a friend. She learned that friends can make you happy or sad, that friends make life fun, and that she has the power to control those relationships. I’m proud of her- she is a good friend!

To everyone involved in this precious year we have had, thank you! Thank you for loving our daughter- for patting her back til she fell asleep, for holding her when she scraped a knee, for hugging her goodbye each day and for encouraging her to grow and learn. She will miss her sweet teachers and I will miss bringing her to a place that felt like “home.”

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