Our Week in Snapshots


Last week started with a long run to the park- I forgot how hard it is to push the double stroller, keep the dog close and run without falling over! 🙂 Whew! Norah also had her first eye exam with the best eye doctor in Tulsa. Dr. “Pa” was fantastic! We built a backyard tent, swam and played with friends. We were so excited to end the week with Great-Grandpa Juarez and Uncle Danny. It was wonderful having them in town- Jonah especially loved all the “boy” stuff Uncle Danny taught him!


We had so much fun with my in-laws in town for the week. The kids adore their Grandma and Pops. We spent lots of time with our newest nice, Georgia, as well. Our little one year old seems so much older already now that HE’S WALKING! Yup! He took off for Uncle H.J. just two days before his birthday. Wahoo! Go Tucker! We ended the weekend with some fun at Ella’s crazy cute bubble party!

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