Emersonisms VIII

I’ve been saving up all her funny sayings and moments for a while now so here we go…

*Matt came into Emmy’s bedroom to say hi after work. We were reading a book in her glider when Matt decided to head to the store. He asked if she wanted to join him and she hopped up happily, looked back at me and said, “You stay here and keep reading.” I said, “I’ll leave the book right here and we can finish it before bed tonight.” She said, “No! You finish readin’ it by yourself!” πŸ˜›IMG_4593*Her guitar (“targ”) is still her favorite and she’s turning into quite the musician and entertainer around our house. She’s surprised us with all kinds of hilarious lines like, “Check it out! Check out my song!” or “Where’s my targ??? I hafta JAM OUT!!!”IMG_5169

*I spent nap time cleaning the house and had music playing on my computer in the background. When I got Emmy up she heard the tunes downstairs and exclaims, “Your puter’s doin tricks down there!”IMG_4391*Emmy, Jonah, and Tucker were playing in the kiddie pool one summer night when Emmy started encouraging Jonah to pour water over Tuck’s head. Jonah played along until Emmy says in her most motherly voice, “That’s enough now Jonah-man. That’s enough.”

IMG_4393*Building a lego tower with Jonah when she excitedly announces, “YAY! Teamwork!!” and they both high-five and get back to working like no big deal.

IMG_4398*Me: “Will you cuddle with me for a little bit?”

Em: “I cuddle for 2 hours, okaaaay?”IMG_4394

*While walking on Riverside one evening we were passed by a burley guy jogging. Emmy exclaims in a rather loud voice, “Look at that big boy running!!!” (cringe)Β IMG_4378

*Emmy has been in love with her little bubble gun for weeks now. We let her hold it during a car ride one night which was a big mistake because we were covered in soap. We rolled the windows down and encouraged her to spray the other cars. Out of nowhere she says, “The bubbles gotta go find their kids outside…” (what!? πŸ™‚ )IMG_4389

*E was sitting on the stairs with her beloved bear when she looked over at him, started giggling and says, “Oh Bear! You just crack me up!” (I wonder where she got that from? πŸ˜‰ )IMG_4396*While we’re all getting ready for church Em runs into the bathroom asking, “Where’s my camera? Where’s your phone? I needa take a picture of my friends!” I hand her my phone and when I look through my camera roll later it’s filled with her little animals all lined up all over the house. What a good mommy, documenting their lives. πŸ™‚IMG_5160


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