Chicago-Style Birthday Bash for Tuck!

ONE YEAR OLD and too cute for words…IMG_3669

IMG_3885I’d been seeing some pretty adorable New York parties floating around here and here that  I stole ideas/inspiration from left and right. We LOVE Chicago (Matt’s hometown) and visit often. I ordered some Chicago postcards from Zazzle and used those as invites. It was a little cheaper that way and pretty cute too! 😉IMG_4181Matt’s parents made the trip from Chi Town to Tulsa just in time for the big bash. We recruited Pops for pizza making duty and Grandma came bearing Chicago Tribunes for our table cloth, and the most addictive Chicago Mix popcorn you’ve ever tasted. YUM!

I had so much fun decorating for this theme! I love all crafts and really got into it this time around. I painted the Chicago skyline on butcher paper and used a science fair board, some paint, and a razor blade to create the taxi. I used an old cardboard box and some tin foil to create The Bean for the bottom of the skyline.IMG_3983-0 IMG_3985-0

We love a good photo booth! 🙂 Thank you so much to all the friends and family that came to party with us…

He wasn’t too sure about his little smash cake but Emmy was! I used this recipe to make something with more of a light and whipped frosting rather than heavy and chucked full of sugar. I think big sister licked the entire thing clean of frosting. Just when he started getting into it we decided to move onto present time.. (sorry, bud)IMG_3981

Leave it to Pinterest for another fabulous idea for this Chicago deep dish cookie ice cream pizza thing. Okay, YUM! I was so scared this would wind up being an epic Pinterest fail but it was a total success. Yesss! 🙂 I loved that I could make it ahead of time, freeze it, and just pull it out on party day. I shredded white chocolate to look like parmesan cheese and a couple people accidentally sprinkled their real pizza not knowing what it was. hahaIMG_4056

Opening presents was a little chaotic with all the kiddos dog piling on the fun new toys. I usually feel like we have toys coming out of our ears around our house but it was actually so so fun to see all these “boy” toys come home with us. Tucker got some great stuff from sweet friends and we’ve had a ball playing trains, cars, and reading new books. Although, it felt a lot more like my birthday than his during present time. He just wanted to barrel roll off the fireplace while I “oohed” and “ahhed” and unwrapped each little thing. 🙂

I used another science fair board, some paint, a razor, and a gold sharpie to make this Wrigley Field sign. I did the same tissue garland from this tutorial I made and we had a BUNCH of these massive 36″ balloons via Amazon with added ribbon and trim for some whimsy. Matt made 3 separate trips to get these balloons filled at Party City since they each take up 3 feet. Love them though!IMG_3884This little grin just melts my heart.IMG_3668The weather actually wound up being perfect. As soon as all the presents were opened, the rain stopped and the sun came out and it got HOT. Time for swimming, bubbles, and bean bags…

A few other party details… dangling confetti balloons (tissue paper squares and clear balloons), Tucker stats on chalkboard poster (Hobby Lobby for the poster and chalk markers from Amazon), circle strings (I used fishing line, card stock and hot glue), and Chi Town balloons (Thanks again Amazon)…

Thanks again to everyone who celebrated with us. We had such a great day celebrating our boy and being thankful we made it to the ONE YEAR mark. We love you Tucker!!! IMG_3665-0If I left out any details or you have questions on how to DIY shoot us an email or leave a comment below and I’d be happy to share info. Now what theme shall we start working on for Emmy’s 3 year old party? 😉

Tucker’s shorts with suspenders are a sale item from Zara Kids and his Cubs hat is from Amazon.

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