Our Week in Snapshots


We started the week with Emmy taking a terrible fall down the stairs. 😦 Nurse Norah was so sweet to sit with her and help her keep an ice pack on her goose egg forehead. Thank goodness she’s alright! We spent Monday running errands and the kids destroyed the house slowly but surely starting with my closet (Only because I cleaned this place top to bottom all day Sunday). On Tuesday we drove out to BA to visit some friends and check out their beautiful new home. I’m excited to be decorating their playroom. Love projects! 🙂 Tuesday night I got to have dinner to celebrate my friend Kirsten turning 26! Sushi and Laughter are about the best combo ever. We attempted a very slow game of bowling with the kids on a very rainy Wednesday. We did Thursday night at Utica Square where Emmy and Tuck danced away together (too cute!). We did a playdate at the library with little friends and Chick-Fil-A lunch and playroom for the second day in a row. 🙂 Friday night we went to a party with Matt’s co-workers on the balcony of their office building. It was such a fun night eating pizza, playing with bubble guns, and watching fireworks from the ball park. We spent Saturday swimming with Em’s newest cousin, Georgia girl. I’m feeling a little sad that this is our last week before Tuck’s birthday. How can he be a whole YEAR old already!?


We went bowling for the first time, adventured downtown with the Rivers and ended the week cuddling away fevers :(. Jonah got to go see The Little Mermaid Jr. with Mimi on Friday night, while Norah and I headed to the Urgent Care. Then on Saturday, Jonah got the same bug as Nor- he is so sweet and cuddly when he is under the weather. How can it never just be one sick kid? Looking forward to a brighter week ahead!

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