Our Week in Snapshots


As August approaches, we’re feeling a little sad to know that our days in the sun and water are limited! We spent the week swimming with friends and playing in several splash pads. The kids were SHOCKED to see a duck land in the Lifetime pool–they cracked up when the lifeguard jumped in to chase the duck away. Norah had “pajama day” at her MDO program and Jonah had an Emmy-date at the Discovery Lab. Our kids made their first TV debut during our family Josh’s Sno Shack interview πŸ™‚ They were precious on camera!


Lots and lots of sunshine for these kids this week. We did pools and splash pads daily plus a trip to the children’s museum for something different. Tucker is so close to walking and has already taken a couple little steps on his own. I’ve been in birthday party prep mode in my down time and can’t wait to celebrate this little love with friends soon. Also, getting really excited for a family vacation at the end of this month.. why did we wait til August to do this!?

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