Home Bodies (For a Day)

Emmy’s favorite thing to do is “just play”. It seems any time I’m rushing her around in the mornings to get to play dates or parks she just keeps telling me she wants to stay home and “play with Tucker”. Now, when we get to the parks and play dates, she has a blast! But, after lots of running around we spent a day this week just being home. I loved watching her and Tucker “just play” together in her bedroom. They made all kinds of treats with her little kitchen. She made Tuck some coffee and told him to eat it. He tried his best…20140725-193733.jpg

They played peek-a-boo in the curtains and squealed with delight when they revealed themselves. They watched for birds out the window and Em kept making soft little comments to her brother like, “c’mon Tucker. I’ll help you. Look brother..” Watching them love each other is one of the most rewarding feelings ever.

Then, my little book worm tried to get Tuck to sit still for a story but he wasn’t having it. He is never still!

I loved this simple day of playing at home with my love bugs. Sometimes it just feels good to relax and stay in your jammies all day. πŸ™‚20140725-193820.jpg

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