Celebrating 4 Years!

20140720-091638.jpgWe’ve really been milking our anniversary for as many celebrations as we can this year. We topped it off with one last hoorah in OKC on Friday night. Angie was so sweet to take both of our kiddos from nap time to nap time the next day. We just wanted to do something outside of Tulsa for some kind of adventurous getaway. We had the best time just being alone and spontaneous. 🙂

We walked the river and talked and talked without a single interruption except for that stop at Marble Slab. 🙂 Dessert before dinner? Yep. We had late reservations at Vast in the Devon Energy tower. It was GORGEOUS! We sat in some comfy chairs in the bar area looking out through floor to ceiling glass windows on the 50th floor. So romantic. We waited for a window table and got the best one. It was right in the corner and very private. They had absolutely delicious filets and we’d totally recommend this place for a celebratory dinner.

Our other favorite stop was breakfast the next morning at Kitchen No. 324. We’d had a couple friends suggest this place to us. I am so glad we checked it out! One of my favorite blogs did a post about these epic “cronuts” a while back and when I saw a photo of one on yelp I knew I had to try it. At Kitchen 324 they call it a “jonut” and were offering a vanilla creme or coconut flavor on Saturday morning. We ordered one with coffee while we waited on our table and it was life changing! Seriously. I’m not a pastry person but I’d eat one everyday if I could. 😉 Everything on the menu is a little different and they only serve poached eggs. I’d definitely go back but probably just do cronuts and coffee. 🙂

After breakfast we headed back to T-town to get the littles. We had a blast on our overnight date but I have to say OKC wasn’t all that impressive. Nothing like Tulsa, that is. 😉

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