Our Week in Snapshots


This week felt nice and long! We spent Sunday watching the game with friends, including our itty bitty niece, Georgia. Monday we hit the pool with friends and Wednesday we did Guthrie’s story time. Emmy even got some new library books from their mobile book cart which was a terrible idea (I’m super irresponsible with these things and this will more than likely end in some late/lost fines). Wednesday was our anniversary so my Mom was sweet to take both the kids overnight so we could do a date. We met to pick up the kiddos the next day at Whole Foods for breakfast and I let Em indulge in a giant cinnamon roll. Matt and I capped our week off with a little road trip to OKC to celebrate some more. Post coming soon about our overnight date. πŸ˜‰


With the rain and oddly COLD weather that rolled into town this week, we did everything from swim dates at the pool to hours of pretending super-heroes at home. Norah loved having a play day with Brooklyn at the Children’s Museum- if you haven’t been recently, we love all the new active exhibits they have! Daddy built Norah a “tree-seat” and she has loved showing everyone her little perch. Our week was capped of with a cousins sleepover- these four sure know how to have a good time!

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