Countdown to ONE

20140715-152922.jpgI’ll never forget the roller coaster of emotions that swept over me like a flood as I focused in on that surreal little plus sign of the pregnancy test. I was shocked. For the second time, my mind was racing to answer 101 questions of worry and amazement. I worried that Emmy’s life would be rushed by adding another little one to the mix. I wondered if anyone would even be excited for me. For some reason I felt that others would just pity me and how close together my children would be. I felt so many things and more than anything I was just in awe. This was happening. Again. The one thing I did know immediately was that once this little baby joined our family, I’d never be able to imagine life without them. All I had to do was look at Emerson and know that we were blessed. We get to do this, again!20140715-152840.jpgI remember the waiting. Although those 10 months flew by, I’ll never forget how we spent them. Emmy was enthralled with every baby toy, jumper, swing, and bouncer we pulled back out. She spent those months practicing buckling in her baby dolls and we soaked up our life as a family of 3 as much as we possibly could. We tried to force labor by  taking long walks up and down big hills. We even laughed til we cried as we tried to drink castor oil (blek). Nothing worked to bring this boy on his own!

20140715-152623.jpgI have to say, the moment he did join the world, was probably the happiest of my life. I’m not a crier over the happy things in life. I SOBBED when he was born. It was heavenly in a way I’ll never be able to explain. It was just a miracle how perfectly everything went and how much Jesus I felt in that moment. New life is something so beautiful it’s difficult to put into words. I felt so fulfilled in my role as wife and mother. Being a family four was off to a good start.

20140715-152544.jpgThere were so many challenges over the next months including all the typical woes of newborn life. We did late nights, horrible sickness, juggled two under two, and unexpected head/neck issues with Tucker. All those things seem so distant and forgotten now as I look back. It’s funny (and wonderful) how all the hard things fade away and all the hearty baby laughs, sibling kisses, and massive smiles come to mind.


Now, here we are, only one month away from our little guy turning ONE! We’re no longer counting weeks or months of life but years. If I told you this year went by fast, it would be such an understatement. It feels like one day we came home from the hospital with a sleepy newborn and woke up to him crawling right past us. Did he ever wake in the middle of the night? I remember it, but it feels like a blip in time (if only it felt that way when it was happening, right?).20140715-152658.jpg

Tucker is the perfect little guy for our family. He’s our handsome fella with blue eyes that’ll just melt your heart. His smile is incredibly contagious and he loves his sister more than anything. He eats like a champ and is shaping up to be a big guy just like papa! He loves exploring and throws caution to the wind like boys do! He’s brought so much laughter and entertainment to this house (expect for that teething stint where I almost put him up on Craig’s List). It’s hard to imagine our lives without him. He’s been worth every stretch mark, life-change, and meltdown it’s taken to get here. We’ve almost made it ONE YEAR! I’m feeling pretty accomplished and happy about this one. 🙂
20140715-155904.jpg20140715-153019.jpg20140715-155914.jpg20140715-152653.jpgWe love you to the moon and back little boy. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Countdown to ONE

  1. Sarah says:

    What an adorable little boy☺️
    I love reading your blog, I have a 2yo daughter and 5 month old son so can relate to a lot of your posts! And, thought you might like to know that you have a follower all the way over in Australia😃😃


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