Running Skirts

If you’ve been in a gym lately, you surely must have noticed the hottest summer trend- athletic skirts! You may know it as a “tennis skirt”, a “skort”, or a “running skirt.” These days, they’re being donned by every lady in the gym world- teenagers with no hips, the lady who should pay rent and not a monthly fee to the club, older women with curves and even the “newbies” who bounce from machine to machine. The thing about these trendy skirts is that they make everyone look feminine, fashionable and fit! The athletic skirt is essentially compression shorts draped in cute athletic fabric. Wonderful combo! They help with chaffing for ladies with larger legs, they stay tight for awkward moves that reveal your lady parts and they securely hug the hamstrings during long runs. While doing this marvelous duty, they still look cute!

Here are some of my recent favorites!

1. Lululemon Pace Setter Skirt:

blog lulu

This is my favorite skirt! It is super comfy and the inner compression short even has a pocket for a key. Lots of color choices, but the classic black matches everything. Expensive, but awesome! $58.

2. Athleta Stripe Fly By Skort:

 blog athleta

Love the layering and the stripes! On SALE now for $49.99.

3. C9 by Champion Women’s Run Skirt:

blog target

Target does it again! A bright, fun, summer athletic skirt. You’ll be inspired to exercise just by putting it on… and you can’t beat the $26.99 price!

4. Nike Four Pleated:

blog nike

This is the skirt I always wanted to wear- a traditionally tennis skirt! Super cute! $55.

5. Albion Advantage Peplum Skirt:

blog albion

Just perfect! This skirt is the perfect mix of trendy and performance appropriate. After discovering ALBIONFIT on Instagram, this skirt instantly made it to the top of my wish list.  Now, if I could just convince my husband that I needed yet another piece of athletic wear… 🙂 $54.

*Check on Abion’s super cute floral capris and and 3 Set Skirt too!

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