Norah Stories


We were having dinner with my in-laws and extended family, when my four year old daughter waltzes in singing “Let it Go, Let it go… Let it go!!” Instinctually, I start bobbing my shoulders and shoot her a silly smile. She giggles and announces, “My mommy LOVES to dance!”


When asking Norah if she wanted to do gymnastics or dance, she says, “Oh, I’ll just do whatever Emmy does.” I explained that Emmy is only two and for now, they wouldn’t be in the same class. She looks out the window and sighs, “Okay, Mommy… I guess I’ll just not do anything and wait for Emmy to be four.”



On Father’s Day, I asked Norah what she loved about her Daddy. She says, “I VERY really love it when he takes me to get flowers for you!”


Josh is reading The Little Mermaid story to Norah and gets to the part that Ursula got angry and “grew bigger and bigger.” Norah says, “wait Daddy. I have to tell you somethin. She ate A LOT of cookies and other yucky stuff!”



Gram finds a rhino toy in the pool and Norah tells her, “Thats a RIND-osourus!”


Trying to learn to draw a heart, Norah starts to whimper, “C’mon Mom, let me do this! I just want to know how to draw a heart, I don’t want to learn…”



When throwing a fit, Norah cries, “ooooo, I am just freaking out!”


Norah runs up and sadly asks, “man mommy, when is going to be Easter again? This is taking a long time.” 
I explain Easter is in April and that is almost a whole year away, first we have summer and vacation and Christmas and Jonah’s birthday.” She puts her hand to her head and just shakes her head in silence, “oh I just can’t even handle it. That is too far away!”20140710-172938-62978039.jpg


Leaving the fireworks show on the 4th of July, Norah asks Josh, “Why are all these noises going off, is there an emergency?!”
Josh: Well, the fireworks are just so loud that it makes the car alarms go off. 
Norah: Oh wow! You know a lot of inside stuff and outside stuff, Daddy! You’re a reeeealllly good Daddy-boy!”



I asked the kids if they wanted to go to Wednesday night church. Norah responds, “OH YES!!!… Jonah do you want to!?” Jonah says, “Ya, sure!” Norah smiles, grabs both of her brothers hands and looks into his eyes. “Okay, Jonah listen to my words. You made a promise and now you have to keep that promise in your mouth!”








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