A Cozy Reading Nook in a Closet

A while back we got the idea to turn our hall closet beneath the stairs into a play kitchen for Emmy. While she loved it for a while, the toys were constantly strewn all over the house (including those annoyingly teeny tiny food items). So, I gave her kitchenette a makeover and added it to her bedroom. Then, her little closet turned into a place to throw toys when guests came over. She would still try to play in there, stepping over mountains of stuffed animals and puzzle pieces to find a cozy place to read a book. What a grand idea- a reading nook! So, I tasked Matt with using our staple gun to hang Christmas lights in rows along the angled ceiling. We draped an old white sheet from floor to ceiling and stapled it closely against the lights. It gives the room such a whimsical ambiance and makes you feel as though you’re reading beneath the starry night sky. 
20140705-150057.jpgI used a down comforter and all our extra throw pillows to make a soft pallet on the ground. Next, I brought the original closet shelving back down (Okay, Matt did). I used some leftover wrapping paper to back the shelves and filled it with stories, blankies, flashlights, and a basket for furry friends. Then I used my handy new chalkboard markers to post a Dr. Seuss quote on her big chalkboard wall. 

Our little book worm loves her new space and is often overheard reading all kinds of stories to her baby dolls and bears. My favorite one was a few mornings back, when she retold the story of Joseph and I picked up on lines like, “…and he had colorful jammies”. Ah! This girl is one of a kind.20140706-132510.jpg 20140706-132502.jpg


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