Meet Georgia!

Well, there’s a new cousin for Emmy and Tucker!20140627-115846.jpg

My sister in law, Chelsea, had a due date of July 20th but baby decided to come a whole month early! It was probably because she heard Emmy the night before. Emmy was rubbing Chelsea’s tummy and saying, “I can’t wait to meet you Georgia.” 🙂20140630-125844.jpg

It was amazing that Matt’s parents just happened to be in town for a long visit the moment everything happened. We got a knock on our door from Lyn around 4:45 am saying this was for real and that her water had broke. I was freaking out. I’ve come to love birth and be so intrigued by everything involved in it. I had a million and one questions like, “hey, do you mind if I catch the baby?” 🙂

Aunt Chels and Uncle HJ have a tradition of picking out a special Build-a-Bear animal for our kids when they’re born. Emmys favorite is still her dog “shiner” from them. So, Matt skipped his flight to Houston and we headed to the mall to choose something special for Georgia girl. Emmy picked a soft little bunny rabbit and named her “Rosie the Rabbit”.20140627-114921.jpg

We spent the rest of the day playing in the hospital halls. Em took shiner for a walk in the bjorn, sang auntie Chelsea some songs, and made phone calls from the lobby. This was about the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard.. (All her own words)20140627-115110.jpg



A big thank you to my amazing friend, Mine, who never fails to be the biggest help anytime I need her. She delivered my camera, brought the kids home for naps, and even brought them back to the hospital afterwards. I am a blessed girl to have such a true friend. Then, when it was time to push, we rushed over to Angie’s to leave the kids with Uncle Josh for a sleepover. So, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped out with our kids so we didn’t have to miss out on these precious moments with family.20140627-115907.jpg

We finally got to meet Georgia Rain around 9:30 pm and cuddle her before we let their new family get some much needed rest. Chelsea was such a trooper and did an incredible job. It was so amazing to see them become a family of 3 and I can hardly wait for them to experience all the beautiful firsts this year holds for them. Thankfully, baby Georgia is perfectly healthy and even though she arrived way ahead of schedule and is pretty tiny, she required no time in the NICU. PRAISE God!

We love our precious little niece and can’t wait to get to know this little punkin. I especially can’t wait to introduce Emmy and Tucker to their new cousin soon. I have a feeling my “little mommy” will be in heaven. 🙂20140627-115457.jpgAlso I’ve been a little camera happy with this new babe so more pretty pictures to come.. 🙂

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