Luncheon with the Ladies for New Hope

Over the weekend New Hope hosted a fabulous luncheon to raise money for their programs. We love helping out where we can with New Hope so I was excited to have the opportunity to decorate a table and invite some friends. This time I decided to do a table full of friends that feel more like sisters and their moms. Since my mom was out of town, I was happy to have my mother-in-law, Lyn,  join in the fun. 20140623-184212.jpg

Each table was supposed to have it’s own theme so I went with “Kate Spade”- girly, fun, and bright, with bow napkins of course. 🙂 They had a silent auction with tons of stuff to choose from. Angie scored some summery Kate Spade swag and I snagged this super cool scooter for E. My favorite part had to be watching Sedef in the dessert dash. She was so proud of herself for beating everyone to the sopapilla cheesecake (YUM). 
IMG_7675 IMG_7677

We had such a great time laughing and lunching but, most importantly, we were just so grateful to support a program that’s truly making a lasting difference in the lives of children right here in Tulsa. We had the opportunity to hear from a student whose life was changed by the stability and care New Hope provided. Her story broke my heart and once again reminded me of how happy I am to support this program.

If there’s one thing motherhood surprised me with, it was the beautiful innocence of a child. Sometimes as I rocked newborn Emmy I would be struck with complete awe of her purity. A loud noise was enough to scare her to screams. She was straight from heaven and a gift to be treasured. It’s devastating that not every child’s innocence is protected and appreciated. It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories of what some have to walk through. No child is responsible for who their parents are or what choices they make. Every child deserves love and stability. It’s so encouraging to hear stories of children finding hope and a bright future, thanks to New Hope’s support. Check them out here and you can find info on how to get involved. 🙂

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