Family Fun

Matt’s been traveling A LOT the last two weeks and we’ve missed him dearly. This weekend is all about getting in some good quality family time.  In honor of our “family weekend”, I thought I’d share some of our favorite things to do together…

1. Last night we headed down to Guthrie Green to get soaking wet in our clothes. 🙂 Guthrie always has fun stuff going on worth checking out. After some camera lessons from a friend on Thursday morning, I had to bust out my Canon and do some playing. I treasure these shots we captured of a simple night of family fun.

Photo Jun 13, 6 52 22 PM20140614-160009.jpg

Photo Jun 13, 6 39 27 PMPhoto Jun 13, 7 14 19 PMPhoto Jun 13, 7 25 39 PMPhoto Jun 13, 6 54 22 PMPhoto Jun 13, 6 44 05 PMPhoto Jun 13, 6 41 11 PMPhoto Jun 13, 6 50 40 PMPhoto Jun 13, 6 40 44 PM2. Pools/ Splash Pads: It feels like we live at these places throughout the summer. I think Emmy’s overall favorite “toy” is water. Both of our kids are just fish so anything involving splashing around is something we’re into. Our pool necessities: Em’s puddle jumper, Tuck’s floaty, coconut popsicles, and sunnies. 🙂20140614-123655.jpg

3. Bike Rides: We use a Trek bike trailer and take the kids all over town. Em loves going on bike rides and often asks when we’re going to go again. It’s nice to get out with the kids right away in the morning before it gets too hot. I love having a destination when we ride as some kind of reward. We typically go for Starbucks, ice cream, or the park. Hearing the two of them giggle in the bike trailer is just the cutest thing.20140614-124207.jpg

4. Outdoor Seating at Restaurants: Dining outside is the best solution for going out to eat with kiddos. We spent Friday morning eating the best breakfast at Wild Fork. Em was free to wander over to the fountains and watch the squirrels. It was okay if our kids were a little loud or wouldn’t stay seated as long as we wanted to sip our coffee and chat away. Plus with this gorgeous weather we just want to be outside as much as possible.20140614-123623.jpg

5. Movie Nights: What’s better than some cuddle time with popcorn at the end of a long day. A couple weekends ago we even set up a tent outside and brought the laptop out for some makeshift camping with Emmy girl. Other times we’ve built forts or just made a pallet on the floor. I love watching Emmy during movies because it’s like watching myself. Her mouth hangs open in awe and her facial expressions show everything she thinks about what she’s watching. So precious! 🙂20140614-124030.jpg


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