The Simple Things.

Kids will teach you SO much including:

  • how to survive on less sleep than you did in college
  • the fact that an entire roll of toilet paper does indeed clog your toilet
  • how to clean those awful yellow spit-up stains out of your favorite dress
  • how to pack like you’re leaving for the airport every time you leave the house
  • how to hold your bladder for a ridiculously long time
  • what to do with a poopy explosion
  • how to survive in utter chaos
  • how to divide your attention so many different ways and basically be superwoman on an everyday basis. 🙂

However, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned from these kids is to take joy in the simple things of life. They remind me everyday to laugh more, love more, and find the joy in life. They remind me to see the world as something beautiful to be explored. The funny thing about being a mom is that it suddenly feels necessary to point out every passing airplane or scampering squirrel. A bird flying by no longer goes unnoticed. If you really pay attention, you somehow see the simple things the way they do. I never knew how many life lessons these kids would teach me but they’re kind of the best teachers when I’m really paying attention.

We recently had the cousins over for an afternoon and they were beyond excited about the 45 minutes of kiddie pool swim time they got to have before nap time. Their screaming giggles are etched in my heart forever. For them, this was the “best day ever”. It was spent throwing cups of water on each other, racing up and down the hill, and splashing like crazy. This simple kiddie pool play time was enough to make them smile ear to ear.

IMG_6774 IMG_6779 IMG_6781 IMG_6782 IMG_6785 IMG_6787 IMG_6801 IMG_6802 IMG_6810 IMG_6855 IMG_6858 IMG_6860 IMG_6881 IMG_6884 IMG_6889

One thought on “The Simple Things.

  1. Donna McCreary says:

    How endearing and precious! Thank you for portraits of the lives of your family. Your blog blesses us not just today, but for years to come as we store these treasured moments in our memories. Much love, Nana

    Sent from my iPad


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