Our Week in Snapshots


With Matt in the big apple for most of our week, we spent lots of time with our friends and even had a mommy/daughter sleepover. Emmy watched Cinderella for the first time, which quickly led to her 5th and 6th times. Our A/C quit working which was the day I decided to buy a kiddie pool that we lived in the rest of the week. We’re on a roll this month with spending tons of money on the worst stuff: knocked over someone’s mailbox, racked up ridiculous fines at the tag agency, and now fresh a/c for the house. Adulthood is a drag sometimes. But, we had lots of sweet moments and missed papa a lot- glad he made it home in time for a date night to celebrate our friend’s 10 year anniversary. By the way, has anyone seen the latest Tulsa People? Josh’s Sno Shack has a pretty epic feature and we’re totally related to them so we’re kind of a big deal. 😉


Pool dates and splash pads- it was a week of welcoming Summer with open arms! We learned our lesson last year and now keep bathing suits and towels in the car for last minute “cool off” stops when we’re out and about. Josh and I had a delicious dinner date- thankful for time and laughs with my favorite man! Also of note, Norah loved playing at My Little Dollhouse with her sweet friends and Jonah set out to test the danger limits once again. The weekend was capped off with a sleepover/cuddle party with the cousins!

It was a good week indeed!

2 thoughts on “Our Week in Snapshots

  1. Sasha says:

    The bond of friendship between the two of you and your kids is so precious! Never take it for granted, it is definitely not something that comes along every day. Such sweet families!! 🙂


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