Precious Moments & Puddle Jumping

A couple days ago I put E down for a nap in her in her crib.  She so sweetly asked, “Can you sleep with me for a while mom?” How could I turn that down??? So, I got to cuddle her lots and she kept saying, “I’m gonna eat your nose. nom nom nom” and nibbling at my face. haha! All of a sudden she got the biggest grin and said, “Tickle me!!!” She giggled away as we had  a little tickle war. Then, she started giving me lots of kisses and said, “I’m gonna kiss your nose” and plants the sweetest one right on my nose. She lays back down, cuddles really close and whispers, “I love you mommy”.

Life- made! IMG_6716Moments this precious just make me so grateful to be her mommy. I can’t imagine a world without her love and joy in it. She makes my heart overflow and once again I’m just pondering how grateful I am for this life. My heart is full.

Puddle jumping and catching raindrops with my wild woman on this stormy morning…
IMG_6687IMG_6706 IMG_6659IMG_6732IMG_6685IMG_6688IMG_6761

One thought on “Precious Moments & Puddle Jumping

  1. Sasha says:

    Yeah, you are the first blogger I actually know!! I LOVE your blog!! Your kids are so sweet and your posts remind me so much of myself and my two! Emmy is such a sweetheart. Girls know just how to melt your heart to mush!


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