Our Week in Snapshots


Monday was Memorial Day and unfortunately, it was rainy… so we played scrabble, watched Toy Story, and jumped in the pool for just a bit when the rain let up.

Tuesday evening we ventured out to Pei Wei for a family dinner. The kids LOVED it. They loved the Honey Chicken and especially loved eating with chopsticks. Pei Wei has these GREAT chopstick connector pieces for kids! Nor and Jonah were very proud of themselves.

Norah and I broke out the bracelet making kit for Mine’ on Wednesday morning. This little princess was enthralled and has been wearing bracelets ever since!

The rest of the day was spent playing and relaxing :).

On Thursday morning, the kids and I decided to try out The Purple Glaze for a new adventure. The kiddos always love drinking coconut milk or “coffee” with me in the morning, so their own cups was my great idea. Norah LOVED it. Jonah… well he tolerated it. It was fun for about 2 min, then he just wanted all the colors mixed on the table and was frustrated  that he could eat snacks and play in paint at the same time. My funny little boy!

Our neighborhood Spring Party and pool opening was Friday afternoon. The kids loved seeing Daddy there, making sno cones! Norah thought she was the super special helper and Jonah just wanted endless sno cones. We love our sweet neighbors and neighborhood!

Friday night we had an impromptu friend date-night. We bought Living Social coupons for a comedy show downtown several months ago and realized they expired this weekend. It was a super fun evening at Joe Mommas’s (they have DELICIOUS gluten-free pizza :)) and the comedy show. Josh even had to stop at a street vendor for tacos at close to mid-night. We all know one dinner is never enough for Josh :).

Saturday was another “best day of my life” for Norah. 🙂 Her super special friend, Brooklyn, had her birthday in the morning. They played “Musical Statues” and “Pass the Parcel”- games that Brooklyn learned when she lived in England. Norah loved both games! Then the girls had cake, danced to Frozen music and conquered the piñata.

After all that fun, we headed off to Norah’s dress rehearsal for her dance recital. It was a long, much anticipated afternoon. Nor sure did enjoy coloring with her friends and having her make-up done though! Then, when it was her turn for the big stage, she LIT up with a big smile plastered on her face. She came off the stage asking if I took lots of pictures and telling me to give her a big hug for doing so good! 🙂

We ran home for naps and then headed back for the big show. Norah was absolutely HYSTERICAL during her dance. She knew her favorite people were in the audience and just couldn’t stop looking for them! She shielded her eyes and searched almost the whole show. We were laughing so hard- it is totally our little Norah’s personality to want to know what is going on! Little spins with one hand over her eyes and one hand in the air were just precious!

Norah loved having all this love and felt SO proud of herself! Thank you to all our friends and family for your love and for showing Norah how much you love her!20140602-165953-61193618.jpg

Sunday afternoon we recuperated from our BIG day. We cleaned the house, organized our crafts and did lots of cuddling. We ended the evening with dinner and swimming at Gram’s. What a great weekend!


On Monday night as we were leaving Gram and Pa’s house, Emmy asked, “Can I stay overnight!? I wana stay with Gram!” We even tried to convince her how fun it would be to come home with us but she wasn’t going for it. I think she loves being spoiled with all the one on one attention from her fun grandparents. Tucker and I enjoyed some alone time on Tuesday morning and took some updated pics of this handsome boy for our blog header. 😉

Wednesday morning papa caught us cuddling with stories in Em’s crib. Sometimes she just looks so cozy in there, I need to join in. 🙂

Wednesday also started our potty training adventure with Em. This week was mostly spent sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for the “tinkle, tinkle” to come out. 😉 On Friday we ventured out to the mall with Nay. I was so nervous this would be a disaster but we put her big girl panties on and packed everything necessary for worst case scenario. Thank goodness it was a big success. Even this teething babe was a happy boy trying on hats for mama! 🙂 Big potty training post coming soon…

20140601-165339.jpgFriday night I was more than ready to bust out of the house for some fun with friends. We did a date night with some pizza, comedy, great chats, and lots of laughs. A little contrast to my previous days of potty-training fun. 😉

Saturday we went back to the mall again. It was another big success as far as potty training goes. I never thought watching my child pee on a public toilet would make me feel so accomplished. haha! Potty experience reward number 1 was riding the horsies. 🙂

We had Jonah over during nap time before Norah’s big recital. I was in awe of these two playing together. I just can’t believe how much they’ve grown up. They were just talking away, working hard to build the “tallest tower in the world” together. They were coming up with their own games and ideas. It was just fun to watch. Then Jonah got a hold of my vine reel and Emmy cuddled in like this all on her own to watch. 🙂

Recital time! Shockingly, Tucker was so still the entire show until the very end. He NEVER sits still but apparently he’s a big fan of the ballet. 🙂 Emmy just kept asking, rather loudly, “WHERE’S NORAH!???” during everyone’s performances. When it was Nor’s turn, she was hilarious!! We laughed so hard at this sweet girl just looking for her family the entire time. I think she did two dance moves the whole show and spent the rest of the time covering her eyes from the bright stage lights. It was a great night with friends and family. So proud of my fairy princess niece!

Sunday was church and lunch with these cuties… Emmy’s been very into the chokehold of love lately. Anytime she’s turning Tucker purple with hugs and we keep saying, “Let go!! You’re hurting him! Be gentle!” She says, “But I love him sooo much!” haha!

We had the most relaxing family nap time  before heading to the pool once again. After lots of swimming we headed home to put Tucky to bed. Emmy got to stay up and watch a movie with mom and dad. We pitched the tent in the backyard and had such a fun little campout with our girl. We did storytelling, shadows, and popcorn. She’s just endless fun these days!

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