Summer Favorites for the Family..

A look at some of the fun things that are on our list of Summer favorites..

Matt’s loved tank tops way before they ever came in style. Once he discovered them, he didn’t want to be constricted in anything else. He bought a tank top everywhere we went and rocked them proudly. Now, I can’t help but snatch up any miniature tanks I see for his mini-me. My adorable little tank top club…

We love these adorable ray ban look-alikes from baby Gap… Emmy’s way better about keeping them on then this little guy. Nothing cuter than a stylish baby in my book. 😉20140526-230215.jpg

I really can’t say enough about Emmy’s Puddle Jumper floaty. It’s been the best thing for my little fish. It’s good for kids starting at 30 pounds and holds them up well enough to swim unassisted. Emmy now knows she absolutely can’t go in the pool without her floaty on. She refuses to take it off even in the kiddie pool. Pool rules are serious to us and we keep a very careful eye around water. This is awesome because it covers both arms and the chest. It props them up and keeps them from tipping forward. Since it’s buckled on like a shirt they tend to forget it’s even there and you’re not left dealing with taking floats on and off because of discomfort. IMG_6397For us, summer is filled with lots of trips to the splash pad, pool, park, playground, etc. All these trips mean lots of packing for mama. I’ve pretty much ditched the diaper bag scene and started packing Emmy’s fun little kid backpack instead. She loves wearing it around and it’s the perfect size for a few diapers, snacks, and change of clothes. 20140526-151808.jpgFor me, I love some summery shades of lipstick that add a pop of color. Two of my long time favorites are by Mac: Snob and Amplified. (I’m wearing Amplified in the picture below..)IMG_4951For another pop of color, I’ve been trying to step up my nail polish game with some fun summery shades by Essie. I’m currently loving: Fifth Avenue, and Thrills & Chills..

I’ve never had so many fresh flower arrangements brightening up my home as I do now. With mother’s day and my birthday so close together I got seriously showered. I have to say, I love them. Guys don’t understand the point of buying fresh flowers but they do wonders. They make me happy and fill my home with color. I think I’ll buy a few more this summer. 🙂



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