Our Week in Snapshots


We spent Tuesday pretty much playing at home and running errands. When papa got done working we took a walk to get some rainbow sno cones per Em’s request. 🙂 Later I enjoyed a little mama’s craft night making felt flower letters (I’m about 5% of the way done 🙂 ).

20140526-230215.jpgWednesday morning Matt left for a short business trip so we headed to Grams for a day of swimming. We ended up staying til bedtime. Both of my kids are loving the water this summer- yay! Shockingly- Emmy and I got to have a little sleepover in my big bed since daddy was gone. She rarely lasts long before requesting to head back to her own bed. After we turned out the lights she said, “Mama, I had fun swimming! I happy.” Heart melted! I loved getting to cuddle her all night (with the exception of a few clonks to the head) and waking up to my little princess saying, “Hi, mommy!” at 6:30 am.

Thursday morning we had our friend Kenzie over for a day of fun. Emmy liked being the big kid and reminding her, “Don’t worry! Your daddy will come back”. We did lots of hanging outside and everyone napped really well- phew! 🙂

Later that night I brought the kids over to my parent’s for a sleepover while I went to dinner with some girlfriends to celebrate Heather and I’s birthdays. We did dinner at Sonoma and Mine’ even brought these gorgeous flower arrangements to make our table more festive. So thankful for this group of girls to do life with.

20140526-214713.jpgFriday morning was odd to wake up the only one home. I took the liberty of sleeping in past 9 am and getting in a trip to the gym and Starbucks before picking up the kiddos. A dream morning in the life of a mom. 🙂 We spent the rest of the day running errands, napping, playing, and eagerly awaiting Matt’s return home for the long weekend! yippee!20140526-182648.jpg

On Saturday morning we got picked up for a spin in this sweet ride! Matt’s boss recently bought an enormous RV and was generous enough to show it off. The kids were in heaven. Emmy loved being free to sit on the couch, sing “Wheels on the Bus”, and even honk the big horn! Too cute!After spending nap time working in the yard sprucing things up we rewarded ourselves with another swim time at Gram and Pa’s house with the cousins…

Emmy’s been asking and asking to go on another bike ride so when the sun was shining on Sunday morning we decided to watch church online early and head out as soon as Tuck woke up from his morning nap. It was a very hot and sweaty ride, but so much fun! We headed to Lafortune to play- the kids on the swings, me on my camera. 🙂 Em insisted on pushing her doggie in the swing rather than ride herself. She’s becoming quite the pretender (a Jodi gene for sure!) We had to stop for a treat on the way home and Em even recognized Braum’s a half block away. We’ve trained her well. 😉 Tuck was pretty upset about being the only one without ice cream so we wound up giving him a little taste of the cone. 🙂 These blue eyes of his are just amazing.

20140526-152013.jpg 20140526-151921.jpg

Later we grilled out and watched the Thunder game with the Andrew family. I still can’t believe we have 6 kids between our 3 families! It was a busy house for sure! 🙂

On Memorial day we once again headed to Gram and Pa’s to spend the day as a family. A torrential downpour still didn’t stop us from a little swim time. This was the sweetest thing. She was watching Toy Story with Gram and kept randomly leaning over to give her brother a kiss on the forehead or a little hug. Do they not look like twins here!? I think the orange tanks are helping. 🙂

 I watched this video and could not stop the tears. We are so thankful to those who serve/have served our country and their families for paying the price for the freedoms we exercise daily! Thank you!!!


We started off the week with our Royal Birthday Bash! A huge thank you to Aunt JoJo for photographing our event and an even bigger thank you to all Norah’s royal friends. 🙂 We were especially sad to say good-bye to Nana and Papa. Norah LOVES Nana!

On Tuesday morning, we sipped some coffee and tea on the deck while Jonah recovered from our late-party night. New toys are always so fun!

Later we conquered HAIRCUTS… ahhh! Norah’s sweet curls were getting so tangled on the ends and the baby hairs were finally begging to say good-bye. She giggled in delight when the brush ran smoothly through her wet hair. Jonah man was next. After seeing sissy, he was ready to conquer the challenge. Love these two cuties and their cleaned up looks :).

We’ve spent lots of time coloring, painting and playing with all Norah’s new toys this week. She was so blessed with so many fun things! Princess dresses have pretty much over-ruled her wardrobe too.

On Thursday, we got to go play with Vivi and River’s Boys for bit. Very thankful for sweet friends and happy memories!

Thursday afternoon Norah wore her new “Princess Dance Skirt” to class. 🙂

Kenzie girl got to spend the day with us on Thursday. This little one is just a doll. Jonah was a perfect gentleman too- he taught her elephant sounds, made her coffee, took her to lunch on the back porch and even held her hand while I took them running. Precious!

Norah’s spring school year ended on Friday. This sweet girl has absolutely loved her friends and the memories. I love seeing this happy smile every school day!

Friday night was a typical #momlife night. We blew bubbles on porch, ate pre-packaged cookies for dessert and headed to bed when the sun set. I love adventure, but I treasure these slow, perfect nights just as much!

On Saturday morning, Norah asked, “Can we go to the ZOO!?” I decided, why not? She HAD to wear her princess dress of course (there was no wiggle room in this conversation) and Jonah HAD TO represent his superheroes. They rode a camel together for the first time, laughed at the monkeys and played at the park until Norah gasped, “I am just SO hot! We have GOT to find some shade!” I don’t think her sticky princess dress was helping the issue. Oh my, these two have my heart! 🙂

We came home and ran over to our neighborhood pool to cool off before naps. The kiddos are so excited it is open!

Sunday when we were getting ready for church, Jonah stepped on a piece of glass that I have no idea of it’s origin. His foot was steadily dripping blood, but he was happy playing with my phone as Norah and I doctored him up. This kid is bulletproof… almost.20140526-221742-80262558.jpg

At church, I peaked in on Norah’s class just in time to see her jumping around in circles on the stage, hand pointed to the sky and big smile painted on her face. She loves to “help” lead worship and doesn’t seem to mind the attention at center-stage. 🙂

After naps, Norah went for a run in the stroller with me. We made it three miles when the thunder started and Norah yelled, “You better hurry, Mom! I DO NOT want to get wet.” Later that night, we watched the Thunder game with friends… and the kids colored whiskers on their cheeks :).

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