The Royal Birthday Bash

Our sweet girl turned 4 last week. We had the BEST time celebrating our Beautiful Princess Norah at her Royal Birthday Bash!


We borrowed a small bouncer from a neighbor, ordered CFA and set out the crowns and spears. Norah woke up from her nap to find the the house decked out. She ran from decoration to decoration, gasping “Oh, I love it!”… “Oh this is PERFECT, Mommy!”…. “This matches super good!”

At one point she just screamed in the middle of the living room- a big grin painted across her face.IMG_5295

A big thanks to Jodi for capturing these super sweet pictures of my princess while she chatted with Prince Phillip… had to make sure he remembered her BIG party day!

We gave Norah her beautiful Sleeping Beauty dress and her sparkly shoes as her special birthday present. She was elated- spinning, twirling and shuffling over the wood floors. There is nothing more precious than seeing pure joy in the eyes of your child! IMG_5264

Jodi made some beautiful tassels, my mom did some rapid-fire cleaning, Josh ran all the last minute errands and I set out all the princess-perfect accessories we had gathered.

When Norah’s friends arrived, they all headed outside to bounce and swing. What a joy to hear their squeals of delight!

After playing and eating, we sang Happy Birthday and blew out the candles. And… we had to take a group picture :).IMG_5424

Then it was on to the piñata. So fun to watch all the kids get into it! Lucas’ little face is my favorite!

Present time! We were so proud of Norah… she was patient with friends “helping” her and did a wonderful job saying thank you to everyone. Though she was a little overwhelmed by about the 10th present, I have to say this little princess did good! 🙂

A huge thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our FOUR YEAR OLD Princess! She is so loved and is so thankful for each of you. Our family is blessed to have wonderful friends and family to share our lives with!

Happy Birthday, Princess Norah!


Where to find the perfect princess accessories:

1. Balloons from Party City

2. Cookies from Barbees Cookies (seriously the best sugar cookie!)

3. Super cute cake from Reasor’s

4. Ombre sequin fabric from Jo-Anne Fabric

5. Aurora dress and shoes from the Disney Store

6. Piñata, Crowns, Spears, Rings, Bubbles and mostly everything else on

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