Officially in My Late Twenties Now.

We started celebrating on Wednesday night with a big family dinner at the Ridge- so good! I’m so excited about my new camera and gear from the fam. Never a dull moment with these beautiful people…20140517-220956.jpg

Last week Friday was my 26th birthday! Anyone who knows me well, knows I’m kind of a kid about birthdays. I start warning my husband about my big day about a month in advance and expect nothing less than the best day of the entire year. Fortunately, my husband let me know that now that I’m 26 I need to relax about my birthday and grow up a little. Thanks, ho000n!- (insert Jim Gaffigan voice) 😉 So, here’s my grown-up birthday day, which was actually quite wonderful. My sweet hubs woke me up with a Starbucks breakfast in bed, which is especially a treat since he’s usually already working when I wake up.

This cutie serenading me with her version of HBD was a heart-melter. Sadly, she was a bit of a booger all morning and wound up with an early nap. Didn’t she know it was my birthday!? 😉
IMG_4891 His smiles are my favorite.IMG_4905In true #momlife fashion we wound up taking a trip to Sam’s Club. We’re so cool. These two riding together is pretty sweet though…

I was so excited to be rescued by my girls for a birthday lunch at Ripe Tomato. Love that place and love these girls like crazy. Laughing with them does wonders for me. 🙂

Chocolate cake, pecan coffee, and a hot pink birthday wallet… perfect.
20140517-214055.jpgMy beautiful birthday flowers from Kirst… having the best time playing with my new camera. 🙂
IMG_4914After naps we waited on the front step for Grandma and GG to roll in from Chicago…


They were so sweet to babysit the kids so we could go on a date night. It was a wonderful night with my husband. We did lots of laughing, reminiscing, and eating. 🙂 I can’t believe I was just 20 years old when I met this man. I’m a lucky girl to have spent the last 6 years falling more and more in love with him. I mean look at us in our coordinating colors. So meant to be! 😉 

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