Tissue Tassel Garland Tutorial

IMG_5129Click to watch me make this look super quick and easy. πŸ˜‰ My favorite part is when Emmy zooms by (playing chase with Tucker)…


Seriously though, this was a little time consuming. The more tassels I made the faster I got, though. Here’s a look at the project step by step (if you do better with written directions and snapshots)…

Here’s what you need to get started, minus the ruler. Β As with most projects I do, I believeΒ “eye-balling” it is the way to go…20140508-174930.jpgAfter I realized the garland looked better with tons of thick tassels placed closely together, I got smart and cut all the paper at one time. I’m a genius over here, I know. So get about 4 sheets of tissue paper layered up and fold it in half. Start cutting your strips out like so… 

Now separate them a tad and gather them by draping them over your hand. I used 4 of the strips per tassel (each strip being 4 layers thick so that’s 16 pieces of tissue paper). I found separating them a tad before attaching them made the tassels look fuller.

Now drape them over your string and twist them tightly. Secure with an adorable piece of washi tape.

Voila! Keep going with all your different colors until you’re satisfied.. I ended up adding a little gold to this one too…

Tada!IMG_5131And one I made for Em’s room with my extra tissue paper…20140514-103543.jpg

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