Birthday Canon- Let the Photo Addiction Continue…

Last night we started the birthday festivities for year 26 with a family dinner at the Ridge. I was so blown away when I got a canon from Matt, accessories from HJ and Chels, and a new lens from Angie and Josh. I am SO excited to learn all about my new camera and get serious about this picture taking thing, because I just don’t take enough pictures as it is. 😉

After a morning of you tube videos and google searches on shooting in manual mode, it only seemed natural to head outside for a little practice photoshoot. It also happened I needed to take a 9 month photo of this adorable blue-eyed boy, so it worked out. I’m so new to this thing and need some serious lessons but I think this boy would be cute no matter what camera’s being used (but extra cute with my new canon 😉 )… IMG_4757I’m kind of in shock at the completely unedited vibrant colors. C-ya later iPhone photos!
IMG_4722 That hair… those eyes!.. wait, those lips and cheeks too! He’s too much. 🙂IMG_4745 Oh, and we’ve reached a major milestone with his first tooth breaking through the surface just 2 days ago! Finally! IMG_4753 IMG_4761 IMG_4790IMG_4715IMG_4731I love him, I love my new camera, and I love my husband for feeding this insane photo addiction. 🙂 Photography lessons, advice, or anything you got, send my way!!

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