Our Week in Snapshots


Monday morning we had Lil’ Kickers. Jonah is usually not a fan of following instructions, but did a great job this week. He ran with the other kids, kicked the ball and stomped on the bubbles. Afterwards, we enjoyed Chick Fil A with Spiderman and the cousins. 🙂 Jonah even shared his ice cream with favorite friend.

Norah loved showing Reese her new swing on Thursday! They even attempted pushing each other. Playdates with sweet friends and their Mommas are a treat!

Wednesday we did some much needed grocery shopping. I love finding these two being sweet to each other!IMG_5496

We came home to play on the swing, of course!

Thursday morning we ventured out to the mall. Jonah has been in desperate need of new shoes and his little feet are growing so fast! Right now, he will only wear his “match Daddy shoes” aka Keens. We even had to wear them to soccer practice on Monday.

And, we had to stop at the Disney store.. since it is almost time for Norah’s Princess Party :).

When we got home, we took some pictures of this little princess… goodness, can’t believe she is almost 4!

I woke Jonah up and carried him to the car when we headed to Norah’s dance class. I ran back in to shut the back door and when I climbed in the car, these two were holding hands. Norah told me, “He’s just waking up, so I told him I would hold his hand.” 🙂IMG_5511

After dance, we ran into Whole Foods. These two love it!

Thursday evening, Daddy was home for the first time in what felt forever. We celebrated with a family dinner and ice cream! Yum! These sweet kiddos tell me everyday how much they miss their Daddy.

The “not-so-fun” mom moments started on Friday morning. Norah climbed into bed with me at 630am feeling fine, but when we woke up 2hrs later, she was feverish and sad. So… we cuddled, watched TV and skipped school.  I had a much needed hair appointment and decided my only option was to take this sweet girl with me. She colored for a bit and then fell asleep on the waiting room chair watching Frozen. This girl doesn’t fall asleep anywhere… 😦

When we picked Jonah up from Jodi’s he was not happy about having to stay away from Sissy… but he did enjoy a dinner date with Mommy on the porch!


Friday night, I did something totally crazy… at least in the #momlife world. I met Jodi and our friends for 24hr trip to Dallas. Yes, that 24hrs includes driving both ways :). The minivan, Britney Spears, N’Sync and Josh’s radar detector came through for our sporadic adventure! IMG_5535

Saturday morning we left our hotel to find the closest Starbucks. I have to say Starbucks on a Saturday morning felt like a vacation in itself. We were all THRILLED to see a World Market right next door to Starbucks… how could we say no?

After a little dreaming, we found our way to the real adventure- King Spa and Sauna. Heather’s reaction about sums up our initial reaction… but between the required Orange “outfits”, many saunas, delicious Korean food and awesome Spa Waterpark… we were in love with this place! What a great way to spend the day!

On the way home from Dallas on Saturday night, I called to find out Jonah had a fever… so much for keeping the kids away from each other :(. I can’t say how thankful I am for our sweet babysitter, Hannah, for loving my kiddos all day.. even when they weren’t 100%.

Jonah’s fever lasted all day on Mother’s Day… so I spent Mother’s Day being a mom. Lots of cuddles, TV and whimpers as we tried to burn off the bug. IMG_5537

Norah got to go to church with Daddy and even out to lunch. Then after naps, Norah and I went to Gram’s for dinner and swimming while Daddy took over the Jonah cuddling.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommas, future Mommas, and pet Mommas!


Monday morning we played some soccer and did Chick Fil A with the cousins. Tucker is SUCH a big boy now. He loves climbing and standing up on anything and everything. He still has zero teeth but loves gnawing on watermelon. Emmy played with her car lots this week and has figured out how to drive using the pedal but doesn’t quite know how to steer. So, that’s been a lovely workout for me (chasing her down before she takes out all kinds of trees).

On Tuesday we got to have a swim date with our friends at my mom’s house. These girls loved splashing and playing in the sunshine together. Later that night I went to a jewelry party with girlfriends and ended up deciding to make a weekend trip to Dallas on a whim.

Wednesday was the third time this week I got Tuck to fall asleep in my arms. So sweet! I’m loving special time with my little guy. He has turned into such a wiggle worm and normally just gets all wound up when I rock him. After his morning nap we headed to Nay’s house to hang for a while. Cody was so sweet and helped Em play fetch with the doggies outside while Mine’ and I caught up on our Giuliana and Bill episodes. 😉 We’re a little obsessed with them!

Wednesday night was date night! It had been so long since our last date so we were super excited to get some alone time. Uncle HJ was a fabulous babysitter and we finally used our Christmas gift card from him and Chelsea for a couple’s massage at Berkshire. It was heavenly. After our relaxing massage we loaded up on way too much sushi at the new South Tulsa Yokozuna. YUM!

Thursday we mostly chilled at home. Emmy helped me with a craft (tutorial coming soon) and Tucker figured out how to climb the stairs (yikes!).

Friday morning we babysat Jonah while Ang got her hair done. The kids had a ball driving the car, blowing bubbles, and jumping of the rock together. Tucker is such a little Houdini. Every time I put him in the bumbo chair I turn around and he’s out and about. Jonah decided to give it a try and was cracking me up when he stood up and walked around with it stuck to his bottom. haha!

At our usual Tuesday night girls night we decided to take a random trip to Dallas for a day at this “unique” spa. So, Friday night at 9:30 pm we met to pile into Angie’s van and drive down to Dallas. 🙂 It was so fun being spontaneous and getting in some serious girl time. My best and I even got to crash on a blow up mattress together.

We spent most of Saturday lounging in these adorable orange uniforms at the King Spa! haha! I’m so glad we did this spur of the moment adventure. Lots of laughs, good talks, and SERIOUS bonding moments with some pretty amazing women. 😉 And we couldn’t do a Dallas trip without doing a little shopping and eating either!

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you mamas out there! Hope your day was full of the relaxation you all deserve. I am so thankful for a super thoughtful husband who gave me this precious plate that he made with the kids at Purple Glaze, while I was on that cruise a couple months back. Wow! This one made me a little emotional. He’s the best. We enjoyed going to church as a fam and attempted some pics afterwards. Holding these two wiggle worms is a little tricky though. 🙂 We went out for a family lunch at Andolini’s and Emmy got some dough to play with but didn’t quite know if she should eat it or not.. hmm! 🙂

After naps we spent some time swimming and celebrating with my family. I’m a very blessed woman to have such a great mom! She gave me such a great life and taught me how to have a good time. I’m so thankful for her example of motherhood. I’m also incredibly thankful to have a sister whose such a great mommy and that I get to do this adventure with her.

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