Make Your Own Almond Butter

We’ve been on a serious almond butter kick lately. We eat A LOT of it! It’s so much healthier than a store-bought peanut butter and tastes amazing.

If you grind your own almond butter at the grocery store it’s about $10 a pound. Yikes! We go through that in less than a week so that’s a little much for a snack. Matt was determined to make his own almond butter on the cheap and we did it! This is the easiest recipe you could possibly make. It’s literally almonds and a blender!

We used roasted almonds from Sam’s Club but you could totally bake them in the oven yourself if you wanted to go that route. Pour a  couple cups of almonds into your blender and start it up.

At first it will turn into a sandy texture. Use your spatula to wipe off the sides and mix it up a little. Turn your blender back on (at this point I used the liquefy button so I could just leave it running).
20140508-173329.jpgBefore long (5-10 minutes) the natural oils in the almonds will start to come out- turning it smooth like a peanut butter.

Dip your apples in it and enjoy! So easy, right!?

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