Emersonisms (Part V)

*We had a guy over to quote a stump removal in our backyard. Matt walked him through the house to the back door and up the hill to check it out. Emmy watched out the window as they talked. A couple minutes later she opens the door and tells me, “I have to go outside with my friends!” haha!


This is her smile when she wants to play but we’re asking her to say cheese first. πŸ™‚

*When we took Tucker out of his infant carrier, we put him in Emmy’s old car seat. The first time we took a drive like this she says, “Tuckeeeeer! Hey- that’s my car seat! That’s mine!”


“We’re going to Old Navy’s house!”

*Matt usually works from home in a tank top and basketball shorts but the other day he went into the office wearing dress clothes. When he got home Emmy asked, “You wear a dress daddy?”


I only heard what color she wanted about 15 times.

*Emmy recently did a jump off the side of the couch landing directly on my stomach. It completely knocked the wind out of me and felt like a punch in the gut. I told her it hurt me and she said, “I sorry!” and tried to kiss it. Then she said the sweetest little prayer ever, “Thank you, Jesus… mommy’s tummy feels all better.. and healthy.. in Jesus name AMEN!.. Praise the Lord! YAY!” I love that there’s almost always a “YAY!” at the end of any prayer.


This face!

*I was laying on Matt’s chest relaxing on our living room floor when Emmy comes over and tells me, “No, move! IIIII want to cuddle!”


“Get out of my eyes, sunshine!”

*We’re getting super close to potty-training time with Em. Sometimes she’ll come up and say, “Mommy, can you check me? I needa be change!” but other times she’s super engrossed in playing and doesn’t want to bother dealing with the clean-up process- like the other day. When I heard what sounded like a poopy happening, she looked up at me with very convincing eyes and said, “That was just a toot”. haha! Somebody wanted to keep playing school bus. πŸ™‚


She sorta loves animals.

*When I went in to get Emmy this morning she said, “Hi mama! You were out with the girls?” When I told Matt about it later he was so impressed. He said, “I only told her that once when she asked about you.” I laughed and said, “She is such a smarty pants!” Then Em pipes up from her playing with a, “GANKS Mommy!” (thanks mommy). Proof that even when you think your kids aren’t listening they’re taking it all in! πŸ™‚


Gal pals!

I can’t imagine our lives without this sunshine in it. Em, you are hilarious and the joy you bring is treasured. More to come and I can’t wait for it all! πŸ™‚


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