Our Week in Snapshots


Last Sunday we did some shopping at Sam’s, which is usually one of my least favorite activities. But, seeing Emmy’s excitement at riding next to her little brother was pretty fun.

Later we threw the kids in their matching swimsuits and headed to Gram and Pa’s for some swim time. This was Tuck’s first experience in the pool and he loved it. Lots of splashing, motorboat rides, and coffee pouring. πŸ™‚

After picking Emmy up from her last minute sleepover with Gram, we headed to soccer practice and got her a sparkly new manicure. πŸ™‚ She still randomly tells me to look at her sparkles. Love having a girl! Later that night, we enjoyed a fire out back with friends..

The next morning Emmy got to open a special package sent from her Grandma and Pops in Chicago- an Elmo matching game! Thank you!! She played peek-a-book with Tuck all morning but he wasn’t too sure about her silly games. We had the cousins over for nap time and did some shoe shopping with papa later that night. I cracked up when I came over to Matt and Emmy and he had put her inside the basketball pit as his rebounder. πŸ˜‰

The next morning we had a dentist apt for Emmy. If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Tulsa we’d totally recommend Dr. Lai. Their waiting room is pretty amazing- I can barely get Emmy to leave. She loved chasing “Dori” around the fish tank and sliding on the wooden boat jungle gym. Also, their super gentle with her and weren’t too pushy. She got lots of goodies after her visit including this adorable tooth wand. YAY Emmy! This little boy has been my buddy lately and kept me company during my shower. πŸ™‚ Matt did some yard work and Emmy didn’t leave his side the entire time. I kept watching out the window as she worked hard collecting and exploring the yard. She’s my outdoorsy woman for sure!

This girl has some pretty epic bed head some mornings. Thursday we joined the Juarez famΒ on some flower shopping at Lowe’s. We got to try out their new swing, which is the coolest thing ever. We need one! We did a little grocery shopping and this girl got a treat for being my big helper. πŸ™‚

After naps we met back up for some hang time playing outside and at Chick Fil A while the guys worked late. The kids wound up eating ice cream at bed time and it sounded like this…

The next morning Em put my earrings in her ears while I was getting ready. She knew she was hilarious too. We hit the park for a little fun on a glorious day. We planned on bringing the kids to the Driller’s game later that night and built the whole day around late naps so they could make it to see the fireworks after the game.

We had a blast having family night at the game. It was perfect weather and just so relaxing to be together. Em was in awe of everything and Tucker was just everywhere. It was near impossible to keep him from rolling down the grassy hill- he won’t sit still for a minute anymore. At one point we debated on just packing up before any melt-downs but ended up sticking it out for the fireworks. The second the first bang went off Emmy clenched onto my neck and buried her head in my hair, refusing to even look at the pretty lights. Ha! So after lots of failed attempts at convincing her, we were running away from the loud noises and to the car to head home. Lesson learned. πŸ™‚ Oh and our little photographer took this photo of us. haha!

Saturday morning we got some omelets and sunshine at BBD’s with the littles.. It was a little too much sunshine for my hubby who forgot his sunglasses so he just borrowed Tuckers. πŸ˜‰

We spent the afternoon swimming at my parent’s with the cousins. Our little fish has become so independent in the pool and loves being free. Tucker is the first baby in the family to actually enjoy being in a floaty and stay pretty content. woohoo! Later that night we had a sleepover at our place with the cousins. We roasted marshmallows and Uncle Matt read stories on the floor. So sweet.

Sunday was church and more swim time! We got to break away for a graduation party while the kids napped a little bit. It was so nice seeing friends we haven’t seen in forever and we’re so proud of you Kirst! πŸ™‚

I’ve been eating super clean and we just needed to have a little fun so we really did it up and capped the weekend off with some “ICE CRIME!!!” hahaha!20140505-162555.jpg


Monday was a fun play day! We got to go to soccer practice, play with Cooper and Kenzie and then dinner at Mimi and Pop’s. It was a beautiful afternoon! Pops even climbed into the playhouse for a dinner of “rocks and grass.”

On Tuesday, Pa came over to install our SUPER AMAZING tree swing! When Jodi and I were kids, he made this crazyΒ tree swing for us. It hung off the side of a sand dune and we used to spend hours out there- swinging and pushing off of the surrounding trees. Pa is basically a tree swing expert! πŸ™‚ The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE it.20140505-225150.jpg

Wednesday was more swing time… and Jonah is still recovering :(. At least he has Spiderman to stay by his side!

Norah and I got to play Doctor on Thursday morning. Miss Zina came over to have me remove her stitches from her finger- Norah was a great helper!20140505-225208.jpg

After naps, we headed off to dance class. Norah was IN LOVE with her recital outfit. She and the girls were spinning and smiling. So wonderful! Can’t wait for her recital!

Thursday evening we planted our flowers outside- my first! Yikes… hope they live for a little while!

Friday evening we played on the swing with our flashlights. It was a happening event! πŸ™‚Β 20140505-225241.jpg

On Saturday, we got to swim at Gram’s for the first time this year! The kiddos were loving the sunshine as they splashed away in the pool. Jonah went right back to his jumping-in exploits and Norah is learning so much more technique.

On Sunday, we had another fun swim day at Gram’s. Miracle of miracles for this Momma- I got both kiddos to fall asleep with me! They usually never sleep with me or together. Jonah usually just says, “Go my own bed… pease!!!” It was so funny to giggle with them in bed. Jonah thought it was hilarious that Norah was closing her eyes and every time one of them made eye contact, they would both erupt into laughter. Precious #momlife moment!

Of course, we had even more swim time after naps. Love these two!

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