Our Week in Snapshots


What a slow and crazy week all at the same time. Jonah woke up with a fever Monday morning and is still in recovery mode. Norah has been stir crazy with all the time at home and Josh is… well he’s in busy season. 🙂

Monday we got to play with Mimi and the Juarez fam. We enjoyed lots of cuddles and spent some time coloring. Norah is getting very good at staying in the lines!

On Tuesday, Jonah got to run errands with Daddy while Norah and I went to a playdate with her sweet friend, Reese! It was such a blessing to play with friends on a beautiful afternoon.

Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday and Thursday were spent riding bikes, playing at the park as much as Jonah could handle and watching our flowers bloom into life! The kids have also gotten to spend lots of special time with family during this busy time in our lives and we couldn’t be more thankful for the support and love.

On Friday, Jonah met Emmy’s new turtle friend. He insisted it was “Mommy Turtle” and kept saying, “Hi Mommy Too-tul!”20140430-121244.jpg

Saturday was a busy day! We got to do the Color Run!! So much fun, the kids were so excited about the tattoos- though Jonah was very insistent he could peel mine off my face with shear force. 🙂

The pre-run party in the corrals was bumpin’ ! Norah was not a fan of the base and kept holding her chest, saying “It makes my heart feel funny!” We had a great time dancing though!

So much fun!

So much changes in a year, this is such a great “race” for family!20140430-123317.jpg

After jumping the the shower, scrubbing and crashing into bed for early naps, we headed to celebrate Norah’s sweet friend, Zeplyn’s 4th birthday. Lifetime did a great job hosting a SUPER fun party! The kiddos loved swimming together, eating cupcakes and singing Happy Birthday. Zeplyn is such a cutie and Norah loves this sweet friend!

On Sunday morning, the kiddos “helped” Daddy do a quick trim on the bushes. Safety scissors cutting leaves is pretty funny.

Jonah was pretty hoarse on Sunday, so after Norah got home from church with Mimi and Pops, we tried to just relax. We found caterpillar in the back yard and the kiddos were enthralled! They were so jumpy at first, but after Jonah braved letting the caterpillar crawl on him, Norah was sure she could handle it too! The caterpillar had blue spots, so of course he was a boy… a boy named “Parker.”



Our week got started with a couple runny noses and lots of time chillin at the house. Emmy’s really been trying to get Tucker to play with her lately. It’s both hilarious and sweet. She tried playing hide n seek, peek a boo, crawling races, and even horsey rides. During Tuck’s nap time us girls cuddled in the big bed for lots of stories and silly selfies. When daddy got done working we headed to Whole Foods to enjoy some dinner outside. These shopping carts are genius and this boy is too cute. Then we came home and watched the long boarding action outside our house. Funny I was doing this not that long ago. Time flies!

Tuesday we played with Mr. Turtle. He had shown up a couple days before and still won’t leave our patio. Em decided Tuesday was his birthday and serenaded him with the HBD song and lots of little gifts of sticks and leaves. 20140427-120120.jpgWhile my sleepy girl went down for an early nap, Tuck and I enjoyed the beautiful weather. I had to take a few photos because these eyes (and cheeks and lips) are just too much…

Before Matt got home from work we got a little creative with a “water wall” for Emmy. This girl’s favorite toy is definitely water! 🙂

I loved getting this photos while I was at the gym… (Matt put the kids in the bike trailer and took them out for some ice cream. They have a pretty awesome dad!) Oh- and a fresh manicure thanks to Tuesday nights with the ladies.

Wednesday morning we did a little switcharoo with the littles. Gram decided to last minute pick up Emmy for the day. This girl gets GEEKED when she sees Gram’s car pull up. Em LOVES special “Gram days”!

Later that afternoon Jonah-man came over for a boys day with Tucker while mommy worked at the sno shack for a little bit. This boy loves to cuddle and that is not a gene either of my kids have so I took advantage. Then we played outside like boys do, ignore the pink chair. 🙂

Another turtle showed up so that was Thursday morning…

We went to visit Nay before naps and the kids had a ball exploring Fusun’s home and playing with Sofia’s toys while we chatted. Em was playing so well and being so quiet for a while until I peeked over at her standing near a bowl of tin foil covered eggs in the entryway. She waved her hand at me and told me not to look at her. When I walked over to tell her we couldn’t eat any candy I noticed the table was covered in little pieces of tin foil and there was a little line of chocolate around her lips. hahahaha! Parenting fail- whoops. Emmy flew her first kite this week. She tripped immediately following this photo and the kite flew right into a neighbor’s tree.

Saturday morning was the COLOR RUN! Wooohoo!! The mom runners…

The kids loved putting on colorful tattoos and all the excitement before the big race! I asked the girls to take a picture together and they immediately wrap their arms around each other and Em looks at Nor and says, “I love you, Norah!” Sweetest thing! Ms. Heather and Em were twinning and Tuck was just taking it all in.

Buh-bye white shirts! Emmy was a little unsure about all this messy stuff and needed a wipe. haha

After the race there was a big shower and clean up party followed by a napping house. I loved that this sweet girl actually fell asleep cuddling us. I love my two, wiped out, sweet snuggle buddies…20140427-095037.jpgAfter naps we headed out on our bikes for an adventure around town. The wind was insane and pedaling uphill against it was quite a feat. We all had some sore legs after this day for sure! We ended the night with some Aristocats and early bedtimes.

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