Norah’s Big Girl Room

My sweet Norah is turning 4 soon and we decided a bedroom make-over was just the thing to make her feel like a “big” Preschooler. When I mentioned to my mom, several months ago, that I was watching Craigslist for a vintage bed to re-do, she reminded me that she had my Grandma’s toddler bed in her attic. What?! Perfect!

We started with this old Jenny Lind bed that was originally white for my Grandma, then stripped, lowered and finished for my Mom. After my mom, Jodi had it for a bit. I decided to re-do the bed again-brightening it up with CeCe Williams Chalk Paint, for our vibrant little girl. The beautiful yellow paint is called Carolina Sun.

Chalk paint is so easy to use! I would highly suggest it for easy furniture changes. Jodi and my mom have used it for LOTS of projects. It is expensive, but goes a really long way. I painted Norah’s new bed and dresser, both with two coats of paint, using just one quart. Honestly, I really wasn’t a huge fan of the brand I used, but the concept of not sanding before painting is wonderful! I ended up having several invisible oil spots that randomly came through the paint after drying and learned that CeCe Williams isn’t a very “thick” chalk paint. From other opinions, I’ve heard Annie Sloan or van Gogh Fossil Paint are better options.

I found Norah’s beautiful new dresser at a run-down antique shop in Owasso. I had been scouring Craiglist for a romantic, old, working dresser that would make her new room complete. When I happened upon an add for this beautiful peace, listed for only $125- I was so excited! Just the piece I had dream of!IMG_8645After a couple months of waiting for warm weather to be able to paint and just plain “being too busy,” my mom and I finally finished the furniture. My mom is a pro at appropriate distressing :).  I was so thankful for her help!


When I asked my daughter what she wanted in a new room, she said she just wanted it to “feel like a princess room.” 🙂 Of course! Since, I like old pieces mixed with fun, colorful flair, we decided to accent the serene pale blue walls with bright pinks, ruffles and even some sparkle. 


Expensive peices were a definite “no” for this bedroom facelift- all seasoned parents know that kids find a way to destroy everything and we are definitely of the “no-stress, make a mess” mindset. At every new addition to the room, Norah squealed in delight! She loves showing off her room to friends… and even tells them you have to “close your eyes and count to three before you open them!” She giggles away as people act surprised!

Some of our favorite details:

1. A reading chair for our little mommy and her babies. Found at a antique shop for $5.

2. Target Xhilaration Stick Light.

3. Hobby Lobby Wall Art.

4. Bird Cage Light. I found this light at River City Trading Post. My husband bought a light kit and we added an Edison Light Bulb.

5. My silk wedding flowers. My florist gave these to me as a gift, it was to mirror the real flowers I carried on my wedding day, 8 years ago. I think they’re a beautiful reminder of the love surrounding our sweet girl.

6. Family picture. When we moved last year, Norah was sad to see this picture come off our mantel. She asked if it could be in her new room, since it was “just so beautiful!” I think she likes knowing that at one time she was our only little love. 😉

The icing on the cake is definitely this Dahlia Stencil that I found on OMGstencils on Etsy. We used Valspar Frosty Berry paint and added a 3/4 of a bag of glitter to the sample size. Josh taped the stencil on the wall and carefully spot painted the stencil. It took precision, patience and great forearm perseverance :). He is a awesome Daddy! Norah loves the way her reading light bounces off the sparkles in the evening. She stares at her ceiling and tells me at least once a week how much she LOVES her “pretty flowers.”

We are so pleased with Norah’s beautiful, new space!

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