Easter Sunday Fun-Day!

20140421-141424.jpgFrom the Smith’s…

We had big plans for a morning spent opening Em’s Easter basket and cooking up some pastel pancakes as a fam but we way overslept, which NEVER happens with a Matt Smith in the house. I’m still shocked that I was actually the one to realize the time. We jumped out of bed, rushed through basket time, and shockingly made it out of the house early enough to sit in main service at church. COTM always does baptism on Easter and it always brings tears to my eyes. I’m so thankful we serve a risen Savior! 20140421-092951.jpgWe ended up whipping up our pastel pancakes after church. We love experimenting in the kitchen and making new traditions as a fam. 20140421-094216.jpg

We had so much fun hosting the Easter celebration at our place this year. Ever since we layed eyes on this backyard I’ve wanted an epic egg hunt to happen here. 🙂 We had an enormous BBQ feast, a big egg hunt, and cascarones war. 

Last year, Em would find one egg, open and eat it immediately and then move onto the next. I was hoping we’d win the hunt this year, but it was the same story all over again. 😉 Even with LOTS of encouragement this girl just wanted to relax and enjoy each surprise snack as it came.

We love our Juarez tradition of cascarones wars in the backyard, but cleaning these things out of my hair is going to go on for days. Oh joy! 20140421-094106.jpg20140421-094142.jpgIMG_0293

From the Juarez fam…


Our lives and schedules are pretty unpredictable these days, so although we may no big plans, I did prepare Easter baskets for the kiddos. This used to be my favorite part of Easter growing up! My mom always had very thoughtful little gifts in our baskets and usually she would leave them on our bed in the middle of the night. I remember feeling so happy when waking up to a super special, colorful surprise! 🙂

The kids got to see their baskets as soon as Jonah woke up. They sat in Jonah’s room covering their eyes and both jumped up in excitement! Jonah’s blue basket was filled with his new fascination- SUPERHEROS :). Norah’s pink basket was filled with PRINCESS stuff- typical but so precious!

Norah headed right downstairs to the table to paint her nails while Jonah banged and threw his new “superman” (spiderman) off every ledge he could find.

After breakfast, I went outside to hide their eggs and they were off for their first egg hunt. They loved running around the yard and asked me to hide all the eggs again as soon as they finished!

Josh had a late night and left the house as soon as he woke up, so he could get the sno shacks ready and still make it to church. Sadly, he missed out on our Easter morning fun. Although, he did make it home right in time to snap a picture before church :).IMG_4467IMG_4468

Everyone looked SUPER cute at church. Norah loved seeing all the fun things her friends got to wear- Hannah’s hat was a favorite!

After church, we headed to Jodi’s for the big family Easter celebration. I am so grateful that we all get to celebrate together!IMG_4493

During our massive egg hunt, Jodi tried to get all stealth and practically bury the eggs (she’s a little competitive when it come to festivities ;)! Norah took off grabbing eggs and running them to Jonah’s basket. She kept saying, “Here you go brother, I’m helping you!” Jonah loaded up on eggs and kept saying, “Me get ‘nother boo (blue ) egg!”IMG_4351

Jodi was just “cheering” Emmy on… aka pointing to eggs and saying, “C’mon Em, let’s go… beat your cousins! I want to win!” hahaha

Now, our MOST FAVORITE part of Easter is the cascarones. A huge thanks to Yoni for making our Easter so fun! Norah was CRACKING up as she broke eggs over everyone’s head. So so fun!IMG_4487

From all of us…

Our cuties had such a big day playing together. They were surrounded by so much love and joy! We even had Norah’s sweet friend, Brooklyn (and her family), join the party.



Jonah was NOT happy about pictures- even with bubbles, candy and crazy parents. This is real life with a strong-willed little boy. 🙂IMG_4481

We are SO thankful for family, friends and the love of Jesus!


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