Happy Easter: The Kid Version

We’ve been reading through this most amazing Storybook Bible with Norah for the last month or so. Every night we read a couple stories and talk about what we read. This Bible has a beautiful way of tying in the Old Testament stories with New Testament grace.

Recently, we read the story of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection. Norah really got it- she couldn’t believe that God’s son would die for her. She asked A LOT of questions- about people’s intentions, God’s love, heaven, where she would sleep in Jesus’ house (cause she was going to be REALLY tired from playing with the nice lions), and about prayer. Eventually, she asked how she could know that Jesus was in her heart. Tears wheeled up in my eyes as I looked at my little girl and saw God’s truest form of beauty- a heart that desires Him.

In God’s perfect timing, Josh got home at the perfect time to say a very special prayer with Norah. A moment that will mark our souls forever!20140419-222646.jpg

Norah has been talking about the story of Jesus quite a bit since that special night. On Friday, she learned about “Good Friday” and did her best to teach her brother what she learned. Jesus died- but “its okay, Jonah, he didn’t stay dead.”

Today, in the grocery store, she got really excited when she saw the Easter paraphernalia. She gasped and said, “Mommy, tomorrow is Easter. The day Jesus won’t be dead anymore!…. I AM SO excited!”

I laughed a little and said, “That’s right, He rose from the dead.”

Jonah jumped up, as if he suddenly just had an epiphany, and lifts up his shirt. He says, “Mommy, Mommy Mommy…. Esus live my TUMMY!!!”

Norah and I looked at each other and burst into giggles, we laughed so hard that Jonah just kept shouting “Esus live my tummy! Esus live my tummy!”

Norah finally had enough. She took her brothers hand, moved it to his chest and said, “No Jonah-man, he lives in our hearts!” 🙂

Happy Easter!!

One thought on “Happy Easter: The Kid Version

  1. Donna McCreary says:

    The absolute most precious Easter gift event since His resurrection! We are so blessed to watch. Be it from a distance, our grandchildren and great grandchildren. Thanks you for sharing.
    Much love..nana & papa


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