Easter Art

Today was “Mrs. Smith’s Day of Easter Art”! I love a good craft and this holiday was the perfect excuse to spend a day creating with the kiddos. I spent the morning cutting and organizing so each project was ready to go (It’s the teacher gene). The kids had a ball going from one craft to another, exploring, and getting REALLY messy! Plus, these little gems will be the perfect decorative touches for our Easter Sunday celebration.20140417-155220.jpg20140417-152042.jpgWe started with paper plate bunnies first, before paint covered the whole place. I couldn’t help but crack up at Jonah’s 5-eyed rabbit and Norah’s pride in her little creation. The kids had a hard time understanding the concept of hiding behind their bunny faces so this is the picture we ended up with. haha!

Then, we moved on to egg-dyeing. We really just experimented a whole bunch here. We did a mixture of this tie dyeing tutorial and rubber band tutorial. The kids loved stirring the eggs around and watching the colors change and mix. It got a little crazy with food color dye everywhere but they turned out pretty adorable. Look at these proud little artists…


Next: spray painting paper eggs. I cut out lots of egg shapes on sketch book paper (only thing I had around). I lightly taped them to a board. I mixed water and acrylic paint in spray bottles and shook them up well. We brought the board of eggs outside and let the kids go to town spray painting. They were supposed to look like speckled eggs but came out looking a lot more like cool watercolor paintings. Once they dried, I attached them to a playful ribbon for a cute little Easter banner.

Last stop: q-tip and cotton ball painted eggs. We pretty much just let the kids go crazy here. Lots of double-dipping and experimenting going on here. That’s what being a kids is all about, right?

A massive cousins bath time was definitely in order after our morning of painting and gluing. The kids loved getting creative and doing something new. My advice for any of you mommas who plan on trying these crafts with your own kids? Take as much of these projects as you can outside! You’ll be way less stressed if you do big t-shirts and set everything up ahead of time. Have fun! 🙂20140417-155225.jpg20140417-155956.jpg

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